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Crimewave 12: Hurts


New novellas, novelettes and short stories by Christopher Priest, Melanie Tem, Stephen Volk, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Tim Lees, Joel Lane, James Cooper, Simon Avery, Antony Mann, Janice Law, Stephen Bacon, Danny Rhodes, Ray Cluley, Steven J. Dines. Wraparound cover art by Ben Baldwin.

American Royal paperback original, 240 pages.

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Crimewave 11: Ghosts


New stories by Dave Hoing, Nina Allan, Christopher Fowler, Mikal Trimm, Richard Butner, Cheryl Wood Ruggiero, Ilsa J. Bick, Cody Goodfellow, O'Neil De Noux, Steve Rasnic Tem, Alison J. Littlewood, Joel Lane, Luke Sholer. Cover art by Ben Baldwin.

American Royal paperback, 240 pages.

Item image: Crimewave 11: Ghosts

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Crimewave 10: Now You See Me

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Stories by Charlie Williams, Alex Irvine, Mick Scully, Nicholas Stephen Proctor, Lisa Morton, Steve Rasnic Tem, Joel Lane, Simon Avery, Murray Shelmerdine, Darren Speegle, Kay Sexton, Daniel Kaysen. Cover art by David Gentry.

American Royal paperback original, 240 page.

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Crimewave 9: Transgressions


Stories by John Shirley, Shelley Costa, Mick Scully, Gary W. Shockley, Ron Savage, Susan Overcash Walker, Scott William Carter, Daniel Bennett, Ian R. Faulkner, Robert Weston, Kevin Prufer, Scott Nicholson and others.

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Crimewave 8: Cold Harbours

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Stories by Joe Hill, Scott Nicholson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Susan Fry, Steve Rasnic Tem, Stephen Volk, Joel Lane, Michelle Scalise, Ron Savage, Ian R. Faulkner, Simon Avery, Jay Caselberg, Steve Mohn, Darren Speegle, Luke Sholer, Tim Brennan, Ryan Van Cleave, Andrew Humphrey…

Crimewave 7: The Last Sunset

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Stories by James Sallis, Muriel Gray, Mat Coward, Marion Arnott, Gary Couzens, Stephen Volk, Debbie Moon, Antony Mann, Christopher Fowler, Ray Nayler, Steve Mohn, Tim Casson, John Grant…

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