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About Crimewave

In 1999 crime writer (and author of Success…And How To Avoid It, more about which can be found in our Books section) Mat Coward suggested that we plug a gap in the UK marketplace by publishing a crime and mystery fiction magazine. So we founded Crimewave.

"A must-have collection of the hottest crime stories around" Ian Rankin

Mat agreed to edit the first couple of issues, then co-edit the next couple, and gradually stepped down to become solely a contributor – Mat writes the definitive Crimewave story, which he nailed himself by saying "We don't do cosy, we don't do hardboiled, we don't do noir. What we do is something entirely different to anything you've ever read before." It's true. You cannot find the type of short fiction you find in Crimewave anywhere else in the world.

"Head and shoulders above every other mystery magazine in look, content and tone" Ellen Datlow

Crimewave has published some of today's finest practitioners of short crime and mystery fiction, including Ian Rankin, Martin Edwards, Scott Nicholson, Steve Rasnic Tem, Michael Z. Lewin, Muriel Gray, Marion Arnott, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Joe Hill, John Shirley, Shelley Costa, Alex Irvine, Charlie Williams, Mick Scully, Joel Lane, Daniel Kaysen, Christopher Fowler, Mike O'Driscoll, Tom Piccirilli, Conrad Williams, Mat Coward, Sean Doolittle, Michel Faber, Andrew Humphrey, Maureen O'Brien, Julian Rathbone, O'Neil De Noux, Chaz Brenchley, Brian Hodge and many others, plus a great many promising new authors.

"The best in cutting edge crime fiction" Ed Gorman

Although still regarded as one of publishing's best kept secrets, Crimewave has never failed to garner anything but rave reviews. Many of its stories have earned reprints in Year's Best anthologies of various genres, and some have won prestigious awards such as the CWA Short Story Dagger.

"No matter how high the expectations, Crimewave always exceeds them" SF Site

Crimewave is published irregularly as an American Royal paperback of 196 pages. Each issue has its own subtitle and ISBN as well as the series ISSN. The typesetting and finishing is top class. You can subscribe using this website's shop.

"The best looking crime fiction magazine ever. Every aspect has been thought out with attention to detail, and executed to craftsmanlike standards" Mystery Scene

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