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The Advent Calendar 2010

27th Nov, 2010

Author: Peter Tennant

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The plan is to repeat last year's exercise, which was successful at least in terms of driving traffic to other websites and getting feedback on our forums for the writers who participated.

As before, I won't post stories on here, but each day from the 1st to the 24th of December, I'll do a link to a story on another website, and another link to a dedicated thread on Interaction where, hopefully, people will be motivated to discuss the stories and provide feedback to any authors who happen to pass through. The 25th, what with being Christmas Day and all, shouldn't 'belong' to any individual writer, so all contributors who so wish can submit a second piece of work and on that day I'll link to all of those (just like last year).

I can also make these posts 'global', so people who only look at the Interzone and Crimewave sections of the site get to join in the fun (whether they want to or not).

Criteria for linking to stories:-

  • The story must be flash fiction, which for the purposes of this exercise I shall define as under 1,500 words
  • The story must be H/SF/F/Crime (ish), cause those are the things we publish, and though not necessarily Christmas themed, that would be a definite plus
  • The story must be viewable online, without having to download or access any password restricted area
  • Yes, I will link to poetry as well, so the verse mongers needn't feel excluded
  • Priority will be given to writers who have had work appear in any of TTA's publications, though if I don't find enough of those online second priority will be given to regular posters on Interaction and after that any old Tom, Dick or Stephen King will be considered eligible, with the usual exception of known plagiarists, misogynists, homophobes, racists etc.

I can, of course, feed TTA contributors' names into google and come up with links that way, but it would make my life a lot easier if people told me about stuff themselves (not necessarily their own stuff - you could be altruistic and let me know about somebody else's work if so inclined). I've already been sent half a dozen links, so that gets us off to a good start, but more would be nice.

If you're interested in taking part in this, then please send an email to with 'Advent Calendar 2010' in the Subject line. In the body of the email, show a link to your story and also to any personal website, blog, or book you're trying to flog . Sorry, but I won't have time to reply to these emails. I will however, note whose work is appearing and on what day on the dedicated thread on Interaction (link below), so keep watching that, and if you don't see your name appear then assume you didn't make the cut. It's first come, first linked to, subject to the above proviso about priority being given to TTA old boys and girls, and I won't be reading the stories ahead of time or making any decisions based on quality. This is strictly for fun.

Let the good times roll.



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