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Desert Island Anthologies: Colin Harvey

18th Oct, 2010

Author: Peter Tennant

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I reviewed anthologies and nothing but anthologies in Black Static #19, and to complement that we're talking about them here throughout October. I'm asking various editors what their favourite horror anthology is, the one they would take with them to a desert island, and today's contributor is Colin Harvey, an up and coming writer and editor, and also a regular reviewer of Black Static, Interzone and other publications (check his stuff out on Suite 101).

This is Colin's contribution to our 'Anthology Month':-

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Colin Harvey; I live in the South-West of England, about midway between Bristol and Bath, with my wife Kate and our spaniel, Alice -- aka Tourette's Dog-- where I'm studying for a BA in Creative Writing, specializing in poetry and scriptwriting.

In 2008 I edited Killers, a cross-genre anthology featuring work by Gary Fry, Jonathan Maberry, Paul Meloy, Sarah Singleton and Lee Thomas, which was nominated for a Black Quill award in 2009, and Future Bristol, perhaps the UK's first geographic SF anthology -- although they're commonplace in the US. My novels Winter Song and Damage Time have been published recently by Angry Robot Books.

Favourite Anthology

My favourite anthology is Ellen Datlow's wonderful Inferno. Datlow is one of the best editors in the business, and here she is at the very top of her game. The anthology deservedly won the 2008 Shirley Jackson Award, and featured a wonderful range of tales, several of which were nominated for Locus and World Fantasy Awards on an individual basis.

So many of the twenty stories and novelettes are good, that it's hard to know where to begin -- in fact, there are hardly any that are not outstanding. My particular favourites include John Grant's extraordinary 'Lives' about a very lucky boy and the people he outlives, and his father who finally realizes the truth about his son's secret. Lee Thomas's claustrophobic, erotic 'An Apiary of White Bees' is a close second, while Glen Hirshberg's 'The Janus Tree', set in a Montana mining town is also excellent. But perhaps best of all is Pat Cadigan's stunning 'Stilled Lives'; I defy anyone who visits London to look at the city in quite the same way again. Several Black Static contributors are present as well: Paul Finch and Mike O'Driscoll both contribute fine pieces, in the case of the latter one of his trademark South Wales stories.

Future Projects

For my next project, I'll be staying with regional spec-fic projects. As many Black Static readers may know from the news section of the latest issue, new publishers Wizard's Tower Press are releasing their inaugural anthology on November 6th and I will be editing it. Dark Spires is available as a paperback and e-book. Subtitled 'Speculative Fiction from Hardy Country', it's a volume of SF, fantasy and horror stories all set in Wessex, including contributions by Liz Williams, Gareth L Powell and Black Static's Roz Clarke, as well as horror stories by Guy Haley, former editor of Death Ray and dark fantasies by Sarah Singleton and Jo Hall.


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