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Black Static


Black Static 19 Out Now

2nd Oct, 2010

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Item image: Black Static 19

The art on the cover is a crop from Ben Baldwin's illustration for 'They Will Not Rest' and a painting of Stephen Jones by Les Edwards.



Item image: Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction by Steve Rasnic Tem
illustrated by Dave Senecal

Friday, 10 a.m. • For you the world has always been shaky and hand-held. Focus, more often than not, is problematic. You’ve never understood how people can pick the most important thing out of a selection of too many. • Everything begs for your attention. Every object contains its own mating call. That peculiar rock, shaped like a bell. That half-dead tree miming its final fall. The sun, always present and hurtful, and always too low. The severe network of rips up and down the hillside, erosion from the recent torrential rains. Unidentifiable twists of rusted metal lying alongside the cracked and weathered road. And just ahead of you, in the back of that brown 1974 Buick Estate station wagon, the longest and heaviest station wagon ever made, sit the three children from Hell, illegally without seatbelts, the Devil’s own hounds, who have poked fun and made faces at you throughout the past thirty miles. But because the trucking company that owns you and your Peterbilt insists on a highly unlikely level of courtesy, their corporate phone number emblazoned all over your vehicle, demanding that they be contacted regarding any lapse in said please-let-me-kiss-your-ass civility, you have smiled at these brats until your lips have started cracking.

Item image: Beachcombing

Beachcombing by Ray Cluley
illustrated by Richard Wagner

The day was grey when Tommy saw the man looking out to sea, the sky either cloudless or made up entirely of one large cloud without end or beginning. It seemed to Tommy that even the sand was grey that day, dampened by a drizzle that fell in the night and by surf the colour of old washing up water. Slow waves lapped at the shore, leaving long wet curves in their wake, constantly renewed. This was where Tommy liked to walk, leaving his prints behind where others had before and knowing he could do it again tomorrow without getting confused.

Item image: The Sleep Mask

The Sleep Mask by Joel Lane

The dreams didn’t come until Dennis started wearing the mask. For six months before that, he didn’t dream at all. But then, he wasn’t really sleeping. When he started to pay off the sleep debt, maybe there was a dream debt as well. Not that he was used to dreaming about blind cats or crows whose wings were streaked with mould. It took him a while to realise what the debt was, and who he owed it to.

Item image: They Will Not Rest

They Will Not Rest by Simon Clark
illustrated by Ben Baldwin

1. The Price of Sleep Debt. Cemetery Exodus. Sundry Vistas. • How long can you stay awake? Twenty-four hours? Thirty-six? The fact is, forty-eight hours without sleep brings headache, disorientation and those first all-too corrosive hallucinations. A rat deprived of sleep is dead within twenty-eight days. Human beings last a little longer, although they lose their minds to full-blown psychosis long before they lose their lives.

Item image: The Wound Dresser

The Wound Dresser by Lavie Tidhar
illustrated by Daniele Serra

My first death was like the loss of virginity: a passionate fumbling that ends swiftly, leaving one at once deflated and relieved. The woman who hired me was old, her ashen body gnawed away by a cancer that was like a familiar to her. 



Item image: White Noise BS19

White Noise
news compiled by Peter Tennant

Item image: Electric Darkness BS19

Electric Darkness by Stephen Volk

Item image: Interference BS19

Interference by Christopher Fowler

Item image: Night's Plutonian Shore BS19

Night's Plutonian Shore by Mike O'Driscoll



Item image: Case Notes BS19

Case Notes by Peter Tennant
reviews of thirteen new anthologies and over 300 stories, plus interview with Stephen Jones and free books

Item image: Blood Spectrum BS19

Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee
DVD/Blu-ray reviews of many new and forthcoming releases, plus easy to enter draws to win free films


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