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Black Static


Getting To Know Adam Nevill

15th Sep, 2010

Author: Peter Tennant

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Adam Nevill was our featured author in the Case Notes section of Black Static #18, with a review of his latest novel Apartment 16 and an exhaustive interview, plus a competition in which ten lucky readers got to win a copy of the book.

Having lulled Adam into a false sense of security, by way of counterpoint to the stuff in the magazine I pitched some more questions at him in a somewhat lighter, one might even say frivolous, vein.

Q: The Guardian or The Independent?

A: Neither

Q: Eating out - Chinese or Indian?

A: Chinese

Q: The Saw film franchise or the Final Destination franchise?

A: Final Destination - there's something satisfying about the evisceration of spoilt teenagers with perfect teeth

Q: Holiday destination - Europe or North America?

A: Europe - Belgium of late

Q: Music - jazz or classical?

A: Heavy Metal, Punk, Rebel Country, Indie ... between those two selected, Classical for the big riffs

Q: Prefer the work of Arthur Machen or Algernon Blackwood?

A: Blackwood

Q: Most useful item - a cat grooming brush or a pair of khaki shorts?

A: LOL! I'll take the Khaki shorts as I have khaki Converse to match

Q: Prefer to drink - bitter or lager?

A: Bitter, though I prefer Trappist beer or Wheat Beer

Q: Favourite director - John Carpenter or Wes Craven?

A: John Carpenter, for The Thing

Q: To visit - a castle or a cathedral?

A: Castle, though, oddly, I see far more Cathedrals

Q: Would rather listen to - Johnny Cash or Bob Dylan?

A: Cash (no contest)

Q: Stephen King - the short stories or the novellas?

A: Dead tie

Q: To keep as a pet - snake or lizard?

A: A very small lizard that can't escape

Q: Favourite fast food outlet - Pizza Hut or McDonalds?

A: Neither ... Can I go to Subway instead?

Q: Cape Fear - remake or original?

A: Remake is certainly more memorable - the rape scene was one of the most horrific things I have ever seen in a film

Q: For a long journey - train or coach?

A: Train (in the quiet carriage with a sidearm to enforce the rules)

Q: Favourite board game - chess or draughts?

A: Chess, though I prefer the Chaosium Cthulhu game to both of these

Q: The work of Joyce Carol Oates or Annie Proulx?

A: Again, a dead tie

Q: Prefer to watch - football or cricket?

A: Cricket

Q: Cheddar or Stilton?

A: Cheddar

Q: The best Dracula - Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee?

A: Lee

Q: The original Star Trek or TNG?

A: Original

Q: Would prefer critical acclaim or financial success?

A: Critical acclaim; I'm unfamiliar with the other option, so it might be a monkey's paw.

Q: Biggest influence - H. P. Lovecraft or Edgar Allan Poe?

A: Lovecraft every time

Q: Preferred artist - Renee Magritte or Max Ernst?

A: Max Ernst

Q: For breakfast - continental or fry up?

A: Continental

Q: Nosferatu - Murnau or Herzog?

A: Murnau

Q: For an evening out - live concert or live theatre?

A: Concert

Q: Leisure activity - hill walking or messing about on the river?

A: Hills, because they have eyes

Q: James Joyce or T. S. Eliot?

A: Couldn't get a Rizla between them


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