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Black Static


Black Static 17 Out Now

1st Jun, 2010

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Cover art is 'Cerberus' by Ben Baldwin.


Electric Darkness by Stephen Volk
Angels Long Forgotten

On holiday recently I was reading Paperboy, the wonderfully evocative childhood memoir by Christopher Fowler in which he discovers his (wonderfully put) “normal abnormal self” through the empowerment of words and “a lifelong love affair with horror and fantasy” begins. The other book I took with me was Rupert Thomson’s enthralling masterpiece of moral complexity Death of a Murderer, meditating as it does with sublime subtlety upon the pond-ripples caused by the crimes of Myra Hindley from the point of view of a copper guarding her body. On top of this, I was still haunted by the superb BBC television drama Five Daughters, about the poor, tragic victims of the Ipswich serial killer. 

The Campaign For Real Fear
Christopher Fowler & Maura McHugh

What really scares you? It’s a simple question that can no longer be answered by the usual clichés of vampires, werewolves and zombies. Maura McHugh and I wanted to prove that horror writing didn’t have to be stuck in a rut. Launching the Campaign for Real Fear, we asked anyone to tell us a scary story in just 500 words. “Leave behind the slasher staples,” we said, “and give us something real.” What we received back staggered us: a huge selection of entries from first-time writers to seasoned professionals. Not only were there many good stories, but they provide us with a core sample of what most disturbs.

Includes the first ten winning stories by Gemma Files, Kaaron Warren, Alan Morgan, Janos Honkonen, James Burt, Catherine McLeod, Christine Emmett, Jennifer Williams, Mary Elizabeth Burroughs, Katherine Hughes. Part two in issue 18.

Item image: Zombie Caban Boy

Zombie Cabana Boy by Suzanne Palmer
illustrated by Dave Senecal

Yeah, I’m ashamed, of course I’m ashamed. Who wouldn’t be? But it was what it was. And if I was there again, well then I don’t expect I would’ve made different choices. And don’t be too sure you wouldn’t – no, I’m serious – I’m just saying, if you’d been where I was, emotionally, mentally, physically –

Item image: Three-Legged Bird

Three-Legged Bird by Vylar Kaftan
illustrated by Ben Baldwin

The bird’s death went unwitnessed. It thumped into the glass once, like a knock. Jin-Sook sat up, woken from her nap on the red velvet couch. Her eyes were gummy with sleep, but she couldn’t rub them without ruining her mascara. She cracked her lips. Her scarlet lipstick had dried into paint chips. The other girls were running to the window, a grimy square high over the front door. Jin-Sook watched as Ha-Neul – the only one who told the truth in this place – dragged a wooden chair beneath the window. The older girl teetered as she tried to see over the doorframe. No men were in the parlor right now, which made the girls restless and irritable. Every slow Tuesday night meant another night stuck here. 

Item image: The Lady in the Tigris

The Lady in the Tigris by Daniel Kaysen
illustrated by Rik Rawling

My mother sits in her dressing gown, pleased to see me but worried too. Eleven o’clock on a Sunday night is a troubling time for a sudden cross-country visit from her son. 

Item image: Faces in Walls

Faces in Walls by John Shirley
illustrated by Ben Baldwin

The hardest part is when I first wake up. Because in my dreams, I can usually move about freely. In my dreams, I can walk and talk and kiss girls.

Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee
DVD/Blu-ray reviews of new releases, including Dolan's Cadillac, Stag Night, The Stepfather, Blood, Left Bank, Razor's Ring, Dorothy, Lockjaw, Phobia, High Lane, True Blood, City of the Living Dead, Van Diemen's Land, The Book of Eli, Daybreakers, The Graves, Harpoon, Satan's Baby Doll, Homecoming, Lizard in a Woman's Skin, RoboGeisha, The Wolfman, The Haunting of Molly Hartley, Bear, Resurrecting the Street Walker, Martin, Funny Games, The Crazies, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, plus easy to enter draws to win several of these titles

Case Notes by Peter Tennant
reviews of books by John Connolly + interview + competition to win the entire set of the Charlie Parker novels, plus books by Michael Shea, Joel Lane, Alison Moore, John Llewellyn Probert, Angeline Hawkes, David B. Silva, Michael Kelly, Richard Gavin, Eric Stener Carlson, Sarah Langan

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