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Black Static


Coming Attractions

29th May, 2010

Author: Peter Tennant

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Black Static #17 has been safely delivered to the printers and should be mailing out to subscribers sometime in the first half of June. Andy will be along shortly to post details of the contents and a cover image, though you'll have already seen this if you're on Facebook and following TTA. In the meantime I can let the cat out of the bag regarding the books I've reviewed in the Case Notes section of the magazine.

We have six sections this issue, with twenty two books reviewed in all, though some are reviewed in less depth than others. It begins with...

Shop Soiled Angels: John Connolly

A six page plus some feature on one of my favourite authors of the last decade, the writer of the Charlie Parker series of books, in which the thriller and the tale of the supernatural meet in the person of a guilt ridden Maine private eye. There's an overview of the first seven novels in the series, paying attention to development and themes, followed by a closer look at the two latest books, The Lovers and The Whisperers. We also have an interview with John Connolly, a review of his Young Adult release The Gates, plus a bibliography and the usual sidebar factoids. And, by way of icing on the cake, Andy has put together an easy to enter competition in which five copies of The Whisperers are up for grabs, while one lucky reader can also win the entire Parker series in paperback.

California Screaming: Michael Shea

A look at two recent releases from a World Fantasy Award winning author. Edited by S. T. Joshi, Copping Squid collects together Shea's stories inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft, while in novel The Extra Shea addresses the excesses of another chthonic deity, Hollywood.

Quoth the Nightjar

Reviews of the two latest chapbooks released by Nightjar Press, Black Country by Black Static irregular Joel Lane and Alison Moore's When the door closed, it was dark.

Nasty, But Nice: John Llewellyn Probert
Two collections by arguably the most dapper man in horror fiction (and there's an author photo, so you can judge for yourself) get reviewed, Against the Darkness, containing the adventures of psychic sleuths Massene Henderson and Samantha Jephcott, and Wicked Delights, which pretty much does what it says on the tin.

Out of Dark Regions: Four Story Collections
American publisher Dark Regions Press have sent us a number of books recently, and as new collections by Black Static family favourite Tony Richards and British Fantasy Award winner Allyson Bird are in their pipeline (is it just me, or does that sound vaguely rude?) I thought it wise to give them some incentive to send those by reviewing some of these. In the firing line are Shades of Blood and Shadow by Angeline Hawkes, The Shadows of Kingston Mills by David B. Silva, Undertow and Other Laments by Michael Kelly and The Darkly Splendid Realm by Richard Gavin.

The Others

Two books I couldn't finagle in anywhere else, no matter how creative I got with themes and titles and other stuff, and also two books that were getting into the review it now or never camp, The Saint Perpetuus Club of Buenos Aires by Eric Stener Carlson and Audrey's Door by Sarah Langan.

That's all folks!


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