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2009 Readers' Poll Results

7th May, 2010

Thanks to Martin McGrath for once again conducting the poll and collating the results, and supplying us with a lot of useful and interesting statistics in the process, and thanks to all the readers who voted and commented.

Martin says, "We had the most number of voters since I took over the ballot in 2005, although the actual number of votes cast fell back slightly since last year (ie more people voted but they voted for a smaller number of stories).

"It was another very good year measured by the ratio of positive to negative votes (a healthy 6.2:1).

"For the first time no story in the poll finished with a negative aggregate score – and every story received at least two positive votes. The number of stories that received no negative votes was also high.

"'Sublimation Angels' by Jason Sanford won relatively comfortably, ahead of 'Sinner, Baker…' by Eugie Foster and 'The Festival of Tethselem' by Chris Butler, but below the top three stories things were very close and votes were much more widely spread than in previous years. 

"Most controversial story was 'Bone Island' by Shannon Page & Jay Lake, followed by 'After Everything Woke Up' by Rudy Rucker and 'Johnny and Emmie-Lou Get Married' by Kim Lakin-Smith both with an equal number of positive and negative votes.

"Most popular issue, by combined aggregate score of stories, was #221, followed by #224, #225, #223, #222 and #220.

"We received a record number of votes for art this year (more than double last year's previous high) with 66% going to Adam Tredowski's suite of covers. The most popular of 2009's interior artists were Mark Pexton and Warwick Fraser-Coombe."


Most Popular Stories

1 Sublimation Angels
Jason Sanford

2 Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest…
Eugie Foster

3 The Festival of Tethselem
Chris Butler

4 By Starlight
Rebecca J. Payne

5 Saving Diego
Matthew Kressel

6= Funny Pages
Lavie Tidhar

6= Silence and Roses
Suzanne Palmer

6= Home Again
Paul M. Berger

6= Coat of Many Colours
Dominic Green

6= Unexpected Outcomes
Tim Pratt

6= Here We Are, Falling Through Shadows
Jason Sanford

7= The Godfall’s Chemsong
Jeremiah Tolbert

7= Mother of Champions
Sean McMullen

7= Black Swan
Bruce Sterling

7= A Clown Escapes From Circus Town
Will McIntosh

8 Glister
Dominic Green

9= The Killing Streets
Colin Harvey

9= Lady of the White-Spired City
Sarah L. Edwards

10= Butterfly Bomb
Dominic Green

10= Far and Deep
Alaya Dawn Johnson

10= Fishermen
Al Robertson


Most Popular Artworks

1 Cover Art (224)
Adam Tredowski

2 Cover Art (225)
Adam Tredowski

3 Cover Art (221)
Adam Tredowski

4 Cover Art (222)
Adam Tredowski

5 Cover Art (2220)
Adam Tredowski

6 Cover Art (223)
Adam Tredowski

7= Here We Are, Falling Through Shadows
Mark Pexton

7= Johnny and Emmie-Lou Get Married
Warwick Fraser-Coombe


Congratulations to Jason Sanford (for the second year running!) and to Adam Tredowski. More details of the results and comments from readers can be found in issue 228, out now.


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