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Black Static


Black Static 14

11th Dec, 2009

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Item image: Black Static 14 (cover art by Dave Senecal)


Since it was totally unreasonable to expect David Gentry to continue as Black Static's sole artist, this issue has cover art (above) by Dave Senecal, and story illustrations by Ben Baldwin, Dave Senecal, Daniele Serra, and Mark Pexton. David Gentry's original static and iconic fly remain of course!



We, Who Live in the Wood by Paul Finch
illustrated by Ben Baldwin

The journey down from London was less time-consuming than David had antici­pated. In his usual experience, trips to the West Country, in particular to the Devon and Cornwall penin­sular, were fraught with problems: heavy holiday traffic, ill-timed roadworks, unbearable temperatures due to blazing sun­­shine and an overheated engine. But of course that was the story in summer. On this occasion it was mid-January; the sky was cold and grey, and the empty roads wound through a chill, cheer­­less landscape.

The Eleventh Day by Christopher Fowler
illustrated by Ben Baldwin

The First Day: Mia Terebenin worked in the St Petersburg International Archive, cataloguing docu­ments pertaining to postwar Russian-American oil initiatives. She was twenty two years old, a little too slender, pale and blonde, with ice-blue eyes and a trans­lucence to her skin that gave her a haunted quality that men either found attractive or disturbing. Her colleagues joked that during the season of white nights she all but disappeared in the dull glare of falling snow.

Hootchie Cootchie Man by Maurice Broaddus
illustrated by Dave Senecal

The pouring rain reduced the two figures to ghostly outlines; however, Nathaniel Johnson felt some­thing akin to pity stir within him. Not liking the idea of leaving hitch­hiking women to the elements, especially at night, he pulled the car over. Moments of compassion aside, he had a schedule to keep.

Survivor's Guilt by Rosanne Rabinowitz
illustrated by Mark Pexton

As I enter the meeting hall near the Thames I breathe in the scent of tobacco and wet clothing, perfume mingled with fried fish, the malt and yeast of beer flowing freely. Strains of Spanish guitar are already wafting from the auditorium.

Teen Spirit by Gary McMahon
illustrated by Daniele Serra

“I hate you!” The door slams shut, rattling the frame, and as Helen turns stiffly to the window, dabbing at her eyes with a tissue, she sees her son stomping down the path and out of the gate, where he runs to meet a group of boys on the street corner. He is promptly absorbed into the pack, and they move off slowly, pausing only to push and cajole each other at the kerb’s edge. A typical urban tribe, they then swagger off along the otherwise quiet street.



White Noise
news compiled by Peter Tennant

Interference by Christopher Fowler

Electric Darkness by Stephen Volk

Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee
DVD/Blu-ray reviews of new releases, including Flick, The Uninvited, Vinyan: Lost Souls, Blood Rain, Blood: The Last Vampire, Silent Night Deadly Night, The Hide, A Perfect Getaway, Dorian Gray, Pontypool, Thirst, Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, A Tale of Two Sisters, Feast II: Sloppy Seconds, Euro Killers: Essential Collection, Three Extremes 1 & 2, Park Chan-Wook Double Bill, Asian Horror: The Essential Collection, plus easy to enter draws to win several of these DVDs/Blu-rays

Case Notes by Peter Tennant
reviews of books by Gary McMahon + interview, Adam Roberts, Stephen Clark, Beverly Barton, Chris Carter, Tania Carver, Shaun Jeffrey, Karen Rose, Steven Deighan, Trevor Denyer, Ralph Robert Moore, Tom Fletcher, Michael Marshall Smith


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