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The Advent Calendar - Day Eight

8th Dec, 2009

Author: Peter Tennant

Day eight, and the beginning of the second week of adventing, which I have decided to kick off by linking to one of my own flash fictions.

Actually it's a bit of a cheat as I'm linking to a suite of flash fictions, five stories in all, but thematically linked and with a total word count of just over 800, so that's all right then.

I'm not sure if fairy tales are a traditional part of Christmas, but pantomimes most certainly are (Oh no, they're not!), and enough fairy tales have been converted into pantomimes to prove the point (Oh yes, they are!).

So, click on the link below to visit the Sein und Werden archives for 'Fairy Tales, With Clowns'.

On another note, we still have places left in the final run-up to Christmas, so if you want to take part, mail me a link to



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