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New Science Fiction & Fantasy INTERZONE ISSUE 282 OUT NOW!

The Advent Calendar - Day Seven

7th Dec, 2009

Author: Peter Tennant

Daniel Kaysen has had work appear in Interzone, Black Static and Crimewave, which would suggest that Andy and our other editorial bods are rather keen on his fiction. It also shows how little attention I pay to the stuff TTA publish, as only the other day I blithely declared that if she placed a story in Interzone Alison Littlewood would be the first to score a TTA hat trick, but as nobody corrected me the rest of you guys do not have permission to mock my poor memory.

Moving quickly on.

Daniel's story 'Likewise' is slightly over the thousand word limit, but hey, it's Christmas (almost), and nobody else was using up their full allocation, so I made an executive decision and redistributed the excess wordage.

I'll extend the same courtesy to anyone else who wants to take part but can't quite make the cut, as long as we keep a sense of scale - no links to online novels, novellas etc.

Anyway, click on the link below to read 'Likewise' at Ideomancer, and then on the second link to share your opinion of the story.


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