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The Advent Calendar - Day Six

6th Dec, 2009

Author: Peter Tennant

Day six of our Advent Calendar event, and with the chocolate version this is the moment when the greedy kids begin to wonder if sweeties every day is such a good thing, and the really greedy kids encourage their doubts so that there'll be more left for them.

Fortunately, flash fiction is low in calories and non-fattening, so we can continue to glut ourselves.

Today's contributor is Joanne Thomas, who posts on our Forums as journeymouse (it's a secret identity, or it was).

Jo's had stories appear here and there, most recently in a Drollerie Press anthology. Follow the link below to her website for 'St James Infirmary Blues', and then have a root round for other stories and stuff.

Before you click on the second link to comment on the story, take note that Jo owns swords.


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