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New Science Fiction & Fantasy INTERZONE ISSUE 282 OUT NOW!

The Advent Calendar - Day Five

5th Dec, 2009

Author: Peter Tennant

Pixies are most definitely a part of Christmas (though they use the term 'elves' at this time of year - it's a fairy land tradition), and so too is alcohol, which leads to the obvious conclusion that very few things could be more seasonal than 'The Pixelated Pixie' (yeah, I know the alcohol connnection is 'pixilated', and this is something else altogether, but work with me).

Contributor Bob Lock is a regular on Interaction and a fine author, with lots of stories out in the wide world, and a novel, The Flames of Herakleitos, available from Welsh publisher Screaming Dreams (there are links on Bob's website telling you how to pick up a copy of that and other books by him).

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