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Adam Tredowski: 2009 Cover Artist

11th Nov, 2009

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Item image: Adam Tredowski

Adam Tredowski is a Polish artist (living in England) who supplied the cover art for all six of Interzone's 2009 issues. Not only did the art itself prove very popular, it also encouraged us to break a few rules in order to better complement the work, and hopefully make the magazine a bit more exciting to look at in the process.

We thought you'd like to know a little bit more about Adam and his work…

Item image: IZ 220 cover     Item image: Interzone 200 Art

Did you study art at college?

No, I am a self-taught person. In the past, when I didn't have a computer yet, I tried painting on canvas. But then my lack of knowledge about different techniques came out and the results were not satisfying. So I decided to concentrate on computer graphics and my favourite tools are 'erase' and 'undo'. :-)

Item image: Interzone 221     Item image: Interzone 221 Art

Do you now work full time as an artist?

I am trying to work as a freelance artist at the moment and so far so good. Unfortunately because of that I have less time for my own projects, as you can clearly notice on my website. Nothing new has appeared there for quite a while now.

Item image: Interzone 222     Item image: Interzone 222 Art

What artists originally influenced your work?

I was always very impressed with the work of Zdzislaw Beksinski (1929–2005). When I encountered his work for the first time it was almost a metaphysical experience. I also value highly Wojciech Siudmak's work, especially for his sketches that I was able to see at an exhibition a few years ago.

Item image: Interzone 223 cover art by Adam Tredowski     Item image: Interzone 223 Art

Have you always been a fan of science fiction and fantasy? Do you like to read it as well as create it? Do you have any favourite authors?

I grew up on Stanislaw Lem books. I would read literally every single one of his books that I came across. (Philip K. Dick once said that Lem doesn't really exist and that his name is an abbreviation of a name for a special communist secret service unit formed to infiltrate the science fiction community :-).) Apart from Lem I also like books by Roger Zelazny, Orson Scott Card and Robert Sheckley. When it comes to fantasy…this kind of subject somehow doesn't work for me. I prefer hard science fiction.

Item image: Interzone 224 cover     Item image: Interzone 224 Art

Can you tell us something about the technical side of your art, how you go about creating your images?

I start almost every picture straight away in a 3D program. I don't do any rough sketches. When I am done with the modelling (I have to admit that it is not my favourite part of the job and I always try to finish it as quickly as possible) I move to Photoshop. Working in Photoshop is a pure pleasure to me. This is when I add most of the surrounding parts, textures, background etc.

Item image: Interzone 225     Item image: Interzone 225 Art

Are you working on any particular projects at the moment? What would you like to do in the future?

At the moment I am working on creating interior visualisations – mainly sporting complexes with architectural design already in place. Not much space for creative initiative. And what I would like to do in the future? I would like to have more spare time to be able to work on my own projects. :-)

Many thanks Adam!



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