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New Science Fiction & Fantasy INTERZONE ISSUE 282 OUT NOW!

Interzone 224 (September/October)

8th Sep, 2009

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Item image: Interzone 224 cover

Cover art is by Adam Tredowski



Sublimation Angels by Jason Sanford
illustrated by Paul Drummond

Alna and I stood on Eur’s mirrored-in surface, taking a breather in our sweat-stenched slush suits. The hole we’d dug through the frigid re­flect­ive ash smoked a haze of oxy­gen toward the blue and orange maw of the Crab Nebula, which hung in the sky near our planet’s distant mother star. Across the vacuum black, countless Aurals shifted the star field into a mnem­­onic ROY G. BIV of circles and exclamations. As I watch­­ed the alien balls of energy fly by, I remembered some­thing my brother said shortly before he died. How our skies – and our whole exist­ence – were merely the backdrop on which the Aurals played their indecipherable games.



No Longer You by Katherine Sparrow & Rachel Swirsky
illustrated by Mark Pexton

“It’s the human condition to fight mortality,” Aviva told me, before I knew how true that was, before I even knew I was part of the fight.

Shucked by Adrian Joyce
illustrated by Dave Senecal

A howling comes across the wire. He feels rather than hears it, an axonic tide flooding his nervous system, primal and terrifying, overwhelming each neuron in turn. Hairs pull taut in follicles, muscular movement freezes, his heart-rate jumps. His pre­conscious brain sparks and prickles with images of preda­tors, prepares for flight. He thinks he sees a canine form – half thinks he half sees it – an antimatter mastiff, a shadow hound, maw agape, stretching its voice over empty dis­tance.

The Godfall's Chemsong by Jeremiah Tolbert
illustrated by Martin Bland

The dead expedition member floats on the surface of Kharybdis for days before enough corpse gas escapes that the currents drag him down. His corpse drifts from the shallow reefs into deeper water where he sinks ever down­ward. He is lost to the total darkness of the abyssal plains. The corpse ends its fall with a gentle splash in the thick benthic sedi­ments.

The Festival of Tethselem by Chris Butler
illustrated by Martin Bland

Marrow flung his arms in the air, then let them flop down again and stood staring incredulously at the crate sitting on the dock.



Ansible Link by David Langford

BookZone by Jim Steel and the team
books reviews including Avilion by Robert Holdstock (review and interview by Sandy Auden, plus free copies of Avilion and the 25th anniversary edition of Mythago Wood), Burn Me Deadly by Alex Bledsoe (reviewed by Ian Hunter), Mistaking the Nature of the Posthuman by Steve Sneyd (reviewed by Paul Raven), In Ashes Lie by Marie Brennan (reviewed by Iain Emsley), Starcombing by David Langford (reviewed by Ian Sales), Ravensoul by James Barclay (reviewed by Sandy Auden), Moxyland by Lauren Beukes (reviewed by John Howard), Nine Gates by Jane Lindskold (reviewed by Vikki Green)

Laser Fodder by Tony Lee
DVD and Blu-ray reviews including Stargate Atlantis Season Five, Outlander, Dragonball Evolution, Dollhouse Season One, Push, Man in the Moon, Watchmen Director's Cut, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe
film reviews including The Time Traveler's Wife, Moon, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, G-Force, Ice Age 3, Land of the Lost, Aliens in the Attic



We have sent a substantial number (relatively speaking) of copies of this issue for overseas distribution. I can't yet give a breakdown of where these copies are going, or what the cover price might be, but presumably the majority are going to the USA. If you're already an Interzone reader please help spread the word that the magazine can now be bought in shops overseas. If you're not yet a reader and you see the magazine in a shop, please buy it! This is a test issue but it's hopefully something we can build on.


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