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Books Received - An Update

24th Aug, 2009

Author: Peter Tennant

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Listed below are the books received for review since the last update, which was back on 25 July.

Fourteen books to add to the pile and what I find particularly interesting this time around, is that precisely half of the writers/editors involved are female. I believe this is the first time we've had gender parity. Having said that, my impression is the ladies seem to be coming from the crime end of the spectrum, with only Alexandra Sokoloff and Nancy Kilpatrick (as editor) providing horror fare by any purist definition.

Good to see a couple of old friends in the mix. We featured Scott Sigler in Black Static #6 and Tony Richards in #9, and the new releases are sequels to the titles I reviewed back then. While I shall devoutly chant the party line that 'nobody is guaranteed' a review, I think there's a very good chance that I will read and review both of these books.

Some other familiar names. I reviewed Darren Speegle's previous collections, Gothic Wine and A Dirge for the Temporal back in the days of The Third Alternative, and over the years Darren has been a contributor to many TTA publications, most recently appearing in Crimewave 10: Now You See Me with Saudade. His latest collection, A Rhapsody for the Eternal, is one of three titles we've been sent by American independent publisher and champion of bizarro fiction, Raw Dog Screaming Press.

I reviewed the novella collection Fourtold by Michael Stone as part of a feature on novellas in Black Static #8 (in parenthesis, I plan to do another novella feature in the October issue, and there is room for one, maybe two more items, so if you have a novella out July - early October, and want to explore the possibility of a review in Black Static, you need to get in contact with me toot sweet, if not sweeter), but Michael H. Stone MD is somebody else entirely. In fact, he's a renowned psychiatrist and host of the Discovery Channel programme Most Evil. According to the publisher's blurb for The Anatomy of Evil -  'Basing his analysis on the detailed biographies of over 600 violent criminals, Stone has created a 22-level hierarchy of evil behaviour, which loosely reflects the structure of Dante's Inferno'. Is it just me, or does that make it sound like something from an RPG? I'll reserve judgement on the book, but what I can say is that it has a kickass cover.

The Standard Offer and Disclaimer - If anyone wants to query with me the suitability of their book(s) for a review in Case Notes, then I can be contacted by writing to and, as ever, an expression of interest in seeing the book does not guarantee that a review will be done.

January 2010

  • Belinda Bauer - Blacklands - Bantam hardback (ARC)

October 2009

  • Tony Richards - Night of Demons - Harper paperback (ARC)
  • Petra Hammesfahr - The Lie - Bitter Lemon Press paperback
  • Jeremy C Shipp - Cursed - Raw Dog Screaming Press paperback
  • Alan M. Clark & Elizabeth Massie - D.D. Murphry, Secret Policeman - Raw Dog Screaming Press paperback

September 2009

  • Scott Sigler - Contagious - Hodder & Stoughton paperback
  • Tania Carver - The Surrogate - Sphere paperback
  • Alexandra Sokoloff - The Harrowing - Piatkus paperback

August 2009

  • Lee Weeks - Death Trip - Avon paperback

July 2009

  • Michael H Stone, MD - The Anatomy of Evil - Prometheus hardback
  • Edited by Nancy Kilpatrick & David Morrell - Tesseracts Thirteen: Chilling Tales of the Great White North - Edge SF&F Publishing paperback
  • Lisa Gardner - The Neighbour - Orion hardback

May 2009

  • Natsuhiko Kyogoku - The Summer of The Ubume - Vertical paperback
  • Darren Speegle - A Rhapsody for the Eternal - Raw Dog Screaming Press paperback


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