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Black Static


Black Static 11

10th Jun, 2009

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As usual, all the original art is by David Gentry.



De Profundis by Al Robertson

As Saul held his adoptive mother’s fragile hand, he re­mem­bered the corpse he had retrieved from the Thames earlier that day. The rising tide had lodg­ed it beneath a dinner cruise pontoon, on the Ber­mond­sey side of the river. It had been spotted at low tide; by the time the dive team had arrived, the water had rush­ed in around it, and the body was fully submerged.

None Had Sharp Teeth by Will McIntosh

They glided along in their steel track as if riding gentle waves: the purple rhino, the pistachio-green crocodile, the orange bear, the pink elephant. All had wide baby eyes and happy smiles, and none had sharp teeth.

The Likeness by Lawrence Conquest

Bathed in sweat, I awoke from the nightmare, the rusty dawn light gradually eroding the image of Jakowski’s head breaking open like a hard-boiled egg. The sun stabbed invasively through the angled slats of the window shutters oppo­site in coruscating blades of light, leaving isolated motes of dust hang­ing weightless in the air like insects trapped in amber. Nenita was a darker shape against the glow, her face angled down as she press­­­ed herself against the window to gaze at the street below us. The rep­li­­­cation of this over-familiar image brought home to me the reality of our situation, and how far we still had to go before we were truly free. Coming back to my apartment had been a mis­­take. The setting may have changed, but here Nenita was still little more than an exotic bird in a shabbily gilded cage. We had to flee Krakow while we still stood a chance.

Served Cold by Gary Couzens

Dawn was the one who held me down. I watch her every day.

Off With The Furies by Daniel Kaysen

It’s Sunday morning. We’ve been back from our honeymoon a week. He walks into the lounge, and sees my face. ‘Louise, what’s wrong?’ ‘Wrong?’ I’ve put the wedding DVD on. I’m watching her -- me -- onscreen, as she makes her vows. What’s wrong is I have no memory at all of saying those words. None at all. The whole point of the wedding is gone. That’s what’s wrong.

Red Ribbons by Stephanie Burgis

"I can help you forget.” That was the first thing she told me. Therese Mondo­val, her golden hair unpowdered, her eyes like polished ebony . . . no, like the night itself. And I, only two weeks out of convent school, trembling with confusion and desire.



White Noise by Peter Tennant

Interference by Christopher Fowler

Electric Darkness by Stephen Volk

Night’s Plutonian Shore by Mike O’Driscoll

Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee
DVD/Blu-ray reviews, including Demons, Baba Yaga, Cold Prey + Cold Prey 2, Thirst, Shuttle, Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street, The Lost, I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer, Amusement, The Haunted Airman, Dark Floors, Boston Strangler: The Untold Story, Laid To Rest, The Grudge 3, The Machine Girl, Raising Jeffrey Dahmer, The Unborn, plus draws to win free copies of several of these

Case Notes by Peter Tennant
reviews of books by Steve Mosby + interview + draw to win his latest novel Still Bleeding, Michael Marshall, Jack Kilborn, Jonathan Maberry, Jack Ketchum, Ramsey Campbell, Conrad Williams, Bill Hussey, Joseph D'Lacey, Gerard Houarner, Gord Rollo, Dean Koontz, Alex Bell, Christopher Ransom


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