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Black Static


What Is, and What Will Never Be

24th May, 2009

Author: Peter Tennant

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Okay, the latest Case Notes column has been put to bed and I can reveal what our lucky readers can expect to find when Black Static #11 mails out to subscribers in June:-

Steve Mosby: Do You Want To See?

An in-depth (i.e. heavily padded) review of Steve's latest book, Still Bleeding, plus sidebar factoids, bibliography and a Q&A session with the author. Also, in a new departure for Black Static, Andy has managed to snag some copies of Still Bleeding to be given away as prizes in a free to enter competition.

Horror, By Any Other Name

Reviews of Bad Things by Michael Marshall, Afraid by Jack Kilborn, Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry and Cover by Jack Ketchum, plus a sidebar on thriller writers who moonlight in the horror genre, or vice versa.

The Old Guard & The Young Turks

A look at recent titles from Virgin and Bloody Books, with reviews of Thieving Fear by Ramsey Campbell, One by Conrad Williams, The Absence by Bill Hussey and Garbage Man by Joseph D'Lacey, plus sidebars about apocalyptic fiction and haunted houses.

The Others

All the stuff we couldn't shoehorn in anywhere else, which this issue consists of reviews of The Oz Suite by Gerard Houarner, Crimson by Gord Rollo, Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: Prodigal Son by an awful lot of talented people, The Ninth Circle by Alex Bell and The Birthing House by Christopher Ransom.

We'll be looking to post some exclusive online content to augment the Case Notes experience, so keep watching this blog.

I've now started to read for the August issue, and that means it's time to bid farewell to a couple of titles that have been hanging around for so many months now that I don't think I can keep them in consideration any longer. I can however assuage the pain of not being reviewed by giving them a brief mention here.

Vampire Apocalypse: Descent Into Chaos (Black Death Books paperback, 285pp, £7.50) by Derek Gunn was released last September and is the second volume in a series set in a world ruled by vampires, with humans as cattle. I reviewed the first title - Vampire Apocalypse: A World Torn Asunder - for Whispers of Wickedness and I'll link to that review at the end of this entry, and also to a review of Descent at Dark Scribe Magazine, so you can see how somebody else rates it. For more information about Derek Gunn's work in general and this title in particular, check out the author's website. 

The First Patient (Arrow paperback, 450pp, £6.99) by Michael Palmer came out in November 2008 and is a thriller in which America's President suffers from an inexplicable illness, one that may be a result of foul play at some level. You can find more information about The First Patient and read an excerpt at the writer's website - Bill Clinton 'thoroughly enjoyed it' (wonder if he wants to do a guest reviewing stint for Black Static, and if Andy would have to get in some interns).

I'm sorry I didn't get to review these books, but though I do my best unfortunately I can't cover everything we're sent.


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