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New Science Fiction & Fantasy INTERZONE ISSUE 277 OUT NOW!

Interzone 222 (May/June)

12th May, 2009

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Item image: Interzone 222

Item image: Johnny and Emmie-Lou Get Married illustrated by Warwick Fraser-Coombe

Cover art is by Adam Tredowski


Johnny and Emmie-Lou Get Married by Kim Lakin-Smith
illustrated by Warwick Fraser-Coombe

First off we had to get to the church. Emmie-Lou in her Poodle skirt, tight sweater, bobby socks, and high tail. Me in thick-cuffed Levis, white vest, black hair – soaked and scooped in pomade – and a pair of devilish, twelve-inch creepers. Emmie-Lou’s white dress was in the back. Don’t get it creased, Johnny. I wouldn’t get it creased. Couldn’t say the same for my shirt, crump­led up on the back seat of my Chevy Bel Air like a used pack of smokes. I never was one to waste energy on threads.

Unexpected Outcomes by Tim Pratt

I was lying in bed with my girlfriend Heather that Tuesday morning in September when the phone rang, early. We didn’t jump to answer it – that’s what machines are for – and after a couple of rings and the beep we heard our friend Sherman, sounding excited, say, “Guys, you should turn on your TV.”

Lady of the White-Spired City by Sarah L. Edwards
illustrated by Martin Bland

She came, Evriel Pashtan, emissary of his justice the high regent. Weary, silver-haired, faint-hoped she came to Kander, near-for­gotten colony circling its cold little rose-hued sun. She greeted the honcho of Colonth, its foremost city; she nodded politely and distri­buted vids and holos; she attended a festi­val in her honor. And then she left the ship to the city’s tech­nicians for refitting and she flew off in her personal carrier to the far side of the planet, to a highland village enfolded in the deep of winter.

Microcosmos by Nina Allan

It was a Wednesday. The in-car thermometer was registering forty degrees. Melodie held her bag on her lap, the red plastic pouch containing her most impor­t­ant possessions: the buff note­pad and its blue pencil, the glass medallion, a blurr­ed Polaroid photograph of her best friend Sara. She shifted in her seat, the bare flesh of her thigh making a sticking, ripping sound against the plastic. She watched the back of her mother’s dark head, her father’s large hands on the wheel.

Ys by Aliette de Bodard
illustrated by Mark Pexton

September, and the wind blows Françoise back to Quimper, to roam the cramped streets of the Old City amidst squalls of rain.

Mother of Champions by Sean McMullen
illustrated by Anne Stone-Coyote

We Champions do not write, neither do we read, but we are very particular about time, numbers, family and memories. After all, we are perfect.



the second edition of Paul Meloy's Islington Crocodiles, a free Black Static issue 10, improved overseas delivery…

Ansible Link by David Langford

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Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe
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