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First Steps

8th Apr, 2009

Author: Peter Tennant

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The purpose of this blog is to complement the material we publish in the Case Notes section of Black Static (that’s the book review bit, in case anyone reading this doesn’t get the magazine). I’m hoping to post here at least once a week, and more often than that if time and circumstances allow.

What can you expect to see?

It’s early days as yet and I’m open to suggestions for content, but some of my own ideas include thoughts on reviewing itself, in-depth commentary on some of the stories I read in collections and magazines (space in Black Static itself is necessarily limited, and I’d relish the chance to really get into some of the great stories I see), lists of the kind we publish in Black Static as sidebar factoids etc.

I’d also like to do a bit more to flesh out the featured author spot in the magazine. Interviews in the magazine have to be focused on the book(s) we are reviewing, but for the future I intend also asking some more generic questions (e.g. what is your favourite scary movie?), the answers to which can be posted to the blog along with links to websites and online fiction.

I’m undecided as yet, if we should post reviews of books, but if so my feeling is the best way to go is to reprise reviews that have already appeared in the magazine, as and when the book is reprinted or reissued.

Another possibility is the reproduction of amusing typos, the kind of goofs that are simply too funny to pass without comment (e.g. I recently read a magazine in which a boat was ‘lunched’ on the river and a man wore a ‘dark suite’).

One thing I will do, on a semi-regular basis, is list books received for review. That way publishers and writers will get at least some form of acknowledgement, even if we don’t actually get around to doing a review. And if you’ve sent a book in for Black Static review and it hasn’t been listed here, you can query with me via but please allow at least three weeks before doing so as things take a while to filter through.

We’ll kick that off with a list of books I’ve received and still consider in play for a review, though as ever I’m not guaranteeing they’ll get one.

I’ve indicated date of publication, author or editor, title, publisher and format (ARC stands for Advance Reading Copy, which will usually be uncorrected and without the cover artwork, though not always), and if you need any more than that please refer to Amazon. If some of the dates seem a bit funny, that’s because I play things by ear (Forge didn’t send me a copy of the Avenging Fury paperback eight months or more in advance. They sent me an ARC tied in to the hardback publication last year, and I missed the window of opportunity for that, but am still hoping to use the ARC for when the paperback comes out).

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got:-

December 2009

  • John Farris – Avenging Fury – Forge paperback (ARC)

July 2009

  • Alex Scarrow - October Skies – Orion paperback (ARC)

June 2009

  • Steven Deighan – Stages of Undress – Dark Monster paperback (ARC)

May 2009

  • Joseph D’Lacey – The Garbage Man – Bloody Books paperback

April 2009

  • Jonathan Maberry – Patient Zero – Gollancz hardback (ARC)
  • Jack Kilborn – Afraid – Headline paperback (ARC)
  • C C Humphreys – Vlad: The Last Confession – Orbit hardback
  • Escober – Chaos – Underland Press paperback (ARC)
  • Bill Hussey – The Absence – Bloody Books paperback,
  • Thomas Empson – Maneater – Snow Books paperback
  • Kate Griffin – A Madness of Angels – Orbit paperback
  • Gord Rollo – Crimson – Leisure paperback (ARC)
  • Alex Bell – The Ninth Circle – Gollancz paperback (ARC)

March 2009

  • Thomas Empson – Skarlet – Snow Books paperback
  • Ramsey Campbell – Thieving Fear – Virgin paperback
  • Robert Masello – Blood & Ice – Harvill & Secker paperback (ARC)

February 2009

  • Dean Koontz – Frankenstein: Prodigal Son – Del Rey Graphic hardback

January 2009

  • Christopher Ransom – The Birthing House – Sphere paperback (ARC)
  • Cherie Priest – Fathom – Tor hardback
  • Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Borne in Blood – Tor paperback (ARC)
  • Dan Simmons – The Terror – Little Brown paperback
  • James Brownley – The Sins of the Children – Severn House paperback

December 2008

  • Wayne Barlowe – God’s Demon – Tor paperback (ARC)

November 2008

  • Michael Palmer – The First Patient – Arrow paperback
  • Kelley Armstrong – Living With the Dead – Orbit hardback
  • Sergei Lukyanenko – The Last Watch – Heinemann paperback

October 2008

  • Campbell & Prepolec (eds) – Gaslight Grmoire – Edge paperback
  • Robert E Howard – The Horror Stories of Robert E Howard – Del Rey paperback
  • Gerard Houarner – The Oz Suite – Eibonvale Press paperback

September 2008

  • Derek Gunn – Vampire Apocalypse: Descent into Chaos – Black Death Books paperback



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