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Black Static

Dark Fiction & Film BLACK STATIC ISSUE 61 OUT NOW!

Black Static 9 Competition Winners

26th Mar, 2009

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the Black Static #9 DVD competitions. Prizes will be with you shortly. Every issue of Black Static contains several easy to enter draws to win DVDs, Blu-rays, books, etc (Black Static #10 will also offer a pair of tickets to the new Saw Ride at Thorpe Park!).

Hit and Run 
David McWilliam 
Amy McIntosh 
Ben Jones 

Dan McKee 
Paul Woodward 
Leon Marvell 

Alien Raiders 
Simon Rosenberg 
Ray Cluley 
Andrew Hook 

Roadkill 2 
Leon Marvell 
Paul Edwards 
Alison Littlewood 

Memories of Matsuko 
Carol Usher 
Kristin Fischer 
Chris Smith 

Kamikaze Girls 
James Baker 
Ian Nayman 
Carol Usher 

Sukiyaki Western Django 
Austin Rowlands 
David McWilliam 
Robert Beisley 


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