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New Website

9th Mar, 2009

Many thanks to Paul Drummond who designed and built this new website for us.

The new site navigation should help you find your way around. The site can be thought of as four mini-sites, plus related information. There are separate sections for the TTA Press publications, each with a unique address.

Within each section you'll find news items, current and back issues, contributor information, free stories, reviews and more. Each section has its own news feed (RSS) you can subscribe to. 

There's a contact section you can use to get in touch with TTA Press. You can also change your subscription address and keep up to date via Twitter.

The forum has been given a quick tidy up, but is otherwise unchanged. We hope to upgrade it in the next phase of development, which will include a new shop.

The site is standards-based and should work on as many browsers and devices as possible. (If you're lucky enough to have an iPhone or iPod Touch give it a go on that.)

All the basic content should be here but there's still plenty more to add, including plenty of site-exclusive features.

We hope you enjoy the new site and that everything is working correctly. Please let us know, either way!


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