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27th Feb, 2009

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Every issue of Black Static contains a news feature called White Noise, compiled by Peter Tennant. We report film and publishing industry news, and in particular we like to promote the work of writers who have appeared or are going to appear in Black Static's pages (the theory being that, if Black Static readers have enjoyed their stories, they'll want to know what else these writers are doing). 

Obviously space is limited and we have to prioritise. A drabble posted on a blog is not news, but if you've just signed a book contract or had something optioned for a film then we want to know about it – we may not use it, but we will certainly consider doing so. 

Pete is signed up to lots of publishers' newsletters, and he prowls the news items on forums and websites, but if you want to be sure he knows what you're doing then use the form below to send him the information.

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