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New Science Fiction & Fantasy INTERZONE ISSUE 289 OUT NOW!

Interzone 216 published on 8th May

3rd May, 2008

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Item image: IZ 216 Cover

Cover art and all story illustrations by featured artist Christopher Nurse


Mundane-SF Special • Guest Edited by Geoff Ryman, Julian Todd and Trent Walters

Introduction by Geoff Ryman
How to Make Paper Airplanes by Lavie Tidhar
Endra — From Memory by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
The Hour is Getting Late by Billie Aul
Remote Control by R.R. Angell
The Invisibles by Élisabeth Vonarburg
Into the Night by Anil Menon
Talk is Cheap by Geoff Ryman


Greg Egan: Beyond the Veil of Reality
interview by Jetse De Vries

Alastair Reynolds: House of Suns
interview by David Mathew

Book Zone
book reviews

Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe
film reviews

Laser Fodder by Tony Lee
DVD reviews

Ansible Link by David Langford
news, obituaries

2007 Readers' Poll
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