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Black Static

Dark Fiction & Film BLACK STATIC ISSUE 61 OUT NOW!

Black Static 4 Out Now

9th Apr, 2008

Issue 4 of Black Static: Transmissions From Beyond is out now, with new stories by Nicholas Royle, Conrad Williams, Cody Goodfellow and others. Contents and graphics after the jump.

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Black Static 4
As usual, cover and all original art is by David Gentry.


Cleaning the Western Kittiwake
Cleaning the Western Kittiwake by Tyler Keevil

Atwater by Cody Goodfellow

Zombie by Conrad Williams

Salt by Nicholas Royle

Ye Shall Eat in Haste
Ye Shall Eat in Haste by Steve Nagy

(wordpress won't upload the graphic)
This Much I Remember by Barry Fishler


White Noise (news compiled by Peter Tennant)

Electric Darkness by Stephen Volk

Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee (DVD reviews and competitions)

Case Notes by Peter Tennant (12 pages of book reviews, sidebars, factoids and featurettes, including an interview with Conrad Williams)

Japan's Dark Lanterns by John Paul Catton

Night's Plutonian Shore by Mike O'Driscoll

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