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Books Received - An Update

17th May, 2017

Author: Peter Tennant

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Listed below are the books received for review since the last update, which was on 31 March 2017.

There are twenty one new titles and eight of them have been written or edited by women, taking our totals for the year so far to seventy books received, twenty four of them with a female by-line (34%).

The corresponding figures for the magazine are forty one titles reviewed and nine of them either written or edited by women (22%).

If all goes to plan, in the next issue of the magazine (#59, out in July) Case Notes will focus on the work of female writers and narrow that gender gap.

Standard Disclaimer: As ever, people are welcome to query me regarding the possibility of a review by writing to with the usual caveat that an expression of interest does not guarantee if or when a review will be done.

August 2017

  • Clare Donoghue - The Night Stalker - Pan pb (ARC)
  • Benjamin Percy - The Dark Net - Hodder & Stoughton pb (ARC)

July 2017

  • Laura Mauro - Naming the Bones - Dark Minds Press pb (PDF)
  • S. P. Miskowski - I Wish I Was Like You - JournalStone pb (PDF)
  • Jon Bassoff - The Blade This Time - DarkFuse pb (eBook)
  • Edgar Cantero - Meddling Kids - Doubleday Books hc (eBook)

June 2017

  • Leone Ross - Come Let Us Sing Anyway - Peepal Tree Press pb (PDF)
  • Nicholas Royle - Ornithology - Confingo Publishing pb
  • Clare Carson - The Dark Isle - Head of Zeus hc
  • Joyce Carol Oates - Dis Mem Ber - Head of Zeus hc

May 2017

  • Edited by Michael Kelly - Shadows & Tall Trees 7 - Undertow Publications pb/hc (PDF)
  • Emily B. Cataneo - Speaking to Skull Kings and Other Stories - JournalStone pb (PDF)
  • Brian Lumley - Earth, Air, Fire & Water - Fedogan and Bremer Publishing hc
  • Edited by Christopher Golden - Dark Cities - Titan Books pb
  • Peter McLean - Damnation - Angry Robot Books pb

April 2017

  • Rafe McGregor - The Adventures of Roderick Langham - Theaker's Paperback Library pb (PDF)
  • Gwendolyne Kiste - And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe - JournalStone pb (PDF)
  • Daniel Mills - Moriah - Chizine Publications pb (mobi)

March 2017

  • Eric Ian Steele - The Autumn Man - Solstice Publishing pb (PDF)
  • Michael Noe - Out with a Whimper - J. Ellington Ashton Press pb (mobi)
  • Benjamin Blake - Standing on the Threshold of Madness - Parallel Universe Publications pb (mobi)



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