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Black Static

Dark Fiction & Film BLACK STATIC ISSUE 61 OUT NOW!

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28th Oct, 2016

Author: Peter Tennant

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Black Static #55 is currently at the printers, and so it's that time in our publishing cycle when I pop up out of the woodwork with a reveal of the contents of the Case Notes section of the magazine to whet your appetite and let all the people waiting for a review know if they need to buy a copy of this issue*.

Here's what we've got for you:-


Reviews of five recent(ish) titles from this American publisher - Ana Kai Tangata by Scott Nicolay, Searchers After Horror edited by S. T. Joshi, Awaiting Strange Gods by Darrell Schweitzer, Darkness, My Old Friend by John Pelan, and The Madness of Dr. Caligari edited by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.


In-depth reviews of the short story collection Skein and Bone and the novel Bodies of Water, plus an interview with author V. H. Leslie.

That's seven titles reviewed this issue, two of them with a female by-line, taking our tally for the year so far to sixty titles reviewed and seventeen and a half of them either written or edited by women (29%).

The corresponding figures for books received are one hundred and nineteen titles, twenty nine and a half of them with a female by-line (25%).

*You should of course buy the magazine anyway, or even subscribe as it's cheaper that way.



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