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Black Static

New Horror Fiction BLACK STATIC 82/83 OUT NOW

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28th Jun, 2016

Author: Peter Tennant

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Black Static #53 will shortly be heading off to the printers, if it hasn't done so already, and mailing out to subscribers in early July, so you're guaranteed a summer treat even if the weather continues to be shitty. Andy will here shortly to reveal the full contents, but in the meantime, as is my standard operating procedure, I am here to reveal what books get reviewed in the Case Notes section of the magazine this time around.

Here's what we've got for you:-


Five of them - Reality Bites edited by Alex Davis, Dead Water edited by Maynard Sims, Jews Versus Zombies edited by Lavie Tidhar and Rebecca Levene, Darkest Minds edited by Ross Warren and Anthony Watson, and Terror Tales of the Scottish Highlands edited by Paul Finch.


Reviews of two tenuously linked short story collections, Storylandia #15, featuring the work of Julie Travis, and Lost Cartographies by Cyril Simsa.


A review of the latest novel from Clive Barker's pen, The Scarlet Gospels, and three other books with a Barker connection, Midian Unmade edited by Joseph Nassise and Del Howison, Voices of the Damned by Barbie Wilde, and Horrorology edited by Stephen Jones.

That's eleven titles reviewed this issue, two and a half of them with a female by-line, taking our tally for the year so far to forty five titles reviewed and eleven and a half of them either written or edited by women (26%).

The corresponding figures for books received are forty six titles, twelve and a half of them with a female by-line (27%), though please note that figure will become redundant early next week when I post news of the latest intake.

There is no interview this issue (but it will be back in #54) as I was hoping to clear some of the backlog of unreviewed books, but with only one title more than last issue covered that plan doesn't seem to have panned out.

I make no promises, as everything will depend on what spare time I have, but I hope to post the occasional review to this blog in the weeks and months ahead with the intention of narrowing the gap between the books I've read and those that haven't as yet been reviewed.



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