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Books Received - An Update

30th Dec, 2014

Author: Peter Tennant

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Listed below are the books received for review since the last update, which was back on 16 November 2014.

There are twenty nine new titles, and four and a half of them have been written or edited by women, taking our final totals for the year to two hundred and sixty one books received, fifty three and a half of them with a female byline (20%).

Standard Disclaimer: As ever, people are welcome to query me regarding the possibility of a review by writing to with the usual caveat that an expression of interest does not guarantee if or when a review will be done.

March 2015

  • Maynard Sims - Stillwater - Samhain Publishing eBook (PDF)

February 2015

  • Craig Saunders - Masters of Blood and Bone - DarkFuse eBook
  • Lee Thompson - It's Only Death - DarkFuse eBook
  • Sarah Pinborough - The Death House - Gollancz hardcover (ARC)
  • Z. Rider - Suckers - Dark Ride Publishing paperback (PDF)
  • Nathan Ballingrud - The Visible Filth - This Is Horror chapbook (PDF - NB. Publication month may be incorrect)

January 2015

  • Edited by Darrell Schweitzer - That Is Not Dead - PS Publishing hardcover (PDF)
  • Edited by Stephen Jones - Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth - Titan Books paperback
  • D. B. C. Pierre - Breakfast with the Borgias - Hammer paperback
  • Christopher Berry-Dee - Love of Blood - John Blake Publishing paperback
  • Ray Cluley - Within the Wind, Beneath the Snow - Spectral Press paperback (Word doc.)
  • Gregory Benford & Larry Niven - Shipstar - Titan Books paperback
  • John Connolly & Jennifer Ridyard - Empire - Headline hardback

December 2014

  • Jeremy Bates - Suicide Forest - Ghillinnein Books eBook (mobi)
  • J. S. Le Fanu - Reminiscences of a Bachelor - Swan River Press hardback
  • Various authors - Poor Souls' Light: Seven Curious Tales - Curious Tales paperback (PDF)
  • D. Harlan Wilson - They Live - Wallflower Press paperback
  • Dane Hatchell & P. A. Douglas - The Dark Times - Severed Press paperback (mobi)

November 2014

  • F. Paul Wilson - Fear City - Tor hardcover
  • Lisa L. Hannett & Angela Slatter - The Female Factory - Twelfth Planet Press paperback (PDF)
  • N. J. Culbard/H. P. Lovecraft - The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath - Self Made Hero graphic novel/paperback
  • Edited by S. T. Joshi - Letters to Arkham: The Letters of Ramsey Campbell and August Derleth, 1961-1971 - PS Publishing jacketed hardcover (PDF)
  • Edited by Nick Gevers - Postscripts #32/33: Far Voyager - PS Publishing jacketed hardcover (PDF)
  • Glenn Chadbourne - The Rockabye Worm: A Graveyard Fable - Short Scary Tales Publications graphic novel hardcover (PDF)

October 2014

  • Edited by Jan Edwards & Jenny Barber - Wicked Women - Fox Spirit Books paperback (mobi)
  • Ralph Robert Moore - Ghosters - Sentence Publishing paperback
  • Alexander Zelenyj - Songs for the Lost - Eibonvale Press paperback (PDF)

September 2014

  • Edited by Nate Pedersen - The Starry Wisdom Library - PS Publishing jacketed hardcover (PDF)

July 2014

  • David Sakmyster - Escape Plans: 19 Dark Tales of Fantasy and Suspense - WordFire Press paperback (mobi)



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