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Black Static

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The Penultimate Case Notes of 2014

2nd Sep, 2014

Author: Peter Tennant

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Black Static #42 has packed its bags and headed off to the printers, marking the end of our seventh year of publication. Andy will be along shortly to reveal the full contents of this milestone issue, but for now I'm here as warm up guy to get those old anticipatory juices flowing by telling you what books will be reviewed in the Case Notes section of the magazine.

Here's what we've got for you:-

Friends & Family

Reviews of The Universal and Other Terrors by Tony Richards, The Lord Came at Twilight by Daniel Mills, News From Unknown Countries by Tim Lees, Severed and Savage by Gary Fry, Reaping the Dark and Where You Live by Gary McMahon.

Death and the Human Condition: Carole Johnstone

A review of Carole Johnstone's first collection, The Bright Day Is Done, and an extensive interview with the author.

More Friends & Family

Reviews of Monsters in the Heart by Stephen Volk, The Moon Will Look Strange by Lynda E. Rucker, Born With Teeth by Conrad Williams, and Where Furnaces Burn by Joel Lane.

The overarching theme this issue was writers who have had work published in Black Static, and I had twenty two titles in my sights, but in the event only twelve of them made it into the magazine, though a couple more got rerouted to Interzone. No matter, as if I missed reviewing you this time round you'll be in a future issue.

Our total for the year now stands at ninety two books reviewed of which twenty six have been written or edited by women (28%), compared to one hundred and thirty books received, thirty one of which have a female byline (24%), though that figure will be getting an update very shortly.



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