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Black Static

New Horror Fiction BLACK STATIC 82/83 OUT NOW

What He Said

8th Jul, 2014

Author: Peter Tennant

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Usually I get here before Andy with news of what the Case Notes section will contain in whatever issue happens to be pending, but this time he got the jump on me. Regardless, I'm a creature of habit, and so...

Here's what we have for you in #41:-

Creatures of Light and Shadow

Reviews of three art books: The Art of Ian Miller by Ian Miller & Tom Whyte, Dark Work by Keith Minnion, and Veins and Skulls by Daniele Serra.

Matheson and Son

Reviews of A Stir of Echoes by Richard Matheson and The Ritual of Illusion by Richard Christian Matheson.

Ghosts and Mermaids

Reviews of the latest chapbooks to parachute into the TTA compound: Home and Hearth by Angela Slatter, The Elvis Room by Stephen Graham Jones, and Water For Drowning by Ray Cluley.

Remembering the Darkness: A. K. Benedict

A review of The Beauty of Murder and interview with author A. K. Benedict.

The Book(s) of the Film

Reviews of Carrie by Neil Mitchell, The Thing by Jez Conolly, The Silence of the Lambs by Barry Forshaw, Splice Vol7 #1 (Tim Burton "special") edited by John Atkinson, and The Sorcerers by John Burke and edited by Johnny Mains.

DarkFuse Novellas

Last issue we glutted on anthologies and this issue it's the turn of novellas:-

  • Red Cells by Jeffrey Thomas
  • Marrow's Pit by Keith Deininger
  • Deceiver by Kelli Owen
  • Hell's Door by Sandy De Luca
  • Messages From the Dead by Sandy De Luca
  • Shattered by C. S. Kane
  • Ash and Bone by Lisa von Biela
  • Elderwood Manor by Christopher Fulbright & Angeline Hawkes
  • Dead Five's Pass by Colin F. Barnes
  • Whom the Gods Would Destroy by Brian Hodge
  • I Am the New God by Nicole Cushing
  • Love and Zombies by Eric Shapiro
  • Ceremony of Flies by Kate Jonez
  • When We Fall by Peter Giglio
  • Sow by Tim Curran

The idea this time around was to concentrate on short books and with twenty nine titles reviewed in total I think I succeeded, though I'll admit that I did rather overdo it with DarkFuse, but I have an addictive personality and their novellas are so irresistible.

Our total for the year now stands at eighty books reviewed, of which twenty four have been written or edited by women (30%), compared to one hundred books received, twenty and a half of them by women (21%), though that figure is overdue for an update.

Looking ahead, if all goes to plan next issue (#42, in September) will consist exclusively of reviews of work by writers who've been published in Black Static.

And looking even further ahead, there'll be a feature on Telos and lots of other good stuff that I haven't made my mind up about as yet.



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