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Black Static

New Horror Fiction BLACK STATIC 82/83 OUT NOW

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4th May, 2014

Author: Peter Tennant

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In the uncomfortable pause between Black Static #40 having been sent off to the printer and Andy arriving with all the news that's fit to print, here I am to disclose the contents of the Case Notes book review section.

Here's what we have for you:-

Ramsey Campbell: Fifty Years of Horror

And what better way to mark our 40th issue than with a major feature on the man The Oxford Companion to English Literature described as "Britain's most respected living horror writer"? The feature includes reviews of six titles - The Inhabitant of the Lake & Other Unwelcome Tenants, The Last Revelation of Gla'aki, The Pretence, The Kind Folk, Ghosts Know and Holes for Faces - and a substantial interview with the author.

Two from Tartarus

Reviews of two of the latest releases from Tartarus Press, Strange Tales IV edited by Rosalie Parker and Mercy and Other Stories by Rebecca Lloyd.

Themed Anthologies

Reviews of a whopping eight anthologies:-

Demons & Devilry edited by Stuart Young

Little Visible Delight edited by S. P. Miskowski & Kate Jonez

Splatterlands: Reawakening the Splatterpunk Revolution edited by Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson

Dark Hall Press Cosmic Horror Anthology

X7 edited by Alex Davis

New Ghost Stories edited by Rob Redman

Horror Without Victims edited by D. F. Lewis

Dark Fuse #1 edited by Shane Staley

That takes our total for the year so far to fifty one books reviewed, of which fourteen and a half have been written or edited by women (28%), compared to forty books received, ten of them by women (25%), though that figure is overdue an update.



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