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Black Static


I Wish You Luck, As I Wave You Goodbye

20th Mar, 2014

Author: Peter Tennant

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It's that sad time again when I look over the very long list of books I have waiting for review and decide which titles are no longer in serious contention and should be discarded.

There are thirty six that didn't make the cut this time round.

All of the books listed below are at least a year old, or will be by the end of March. Some of them should never have been sent to Black Static in the first place, and some I'm really sorry that I never got to review, and I don't rule out the possibility of doing so on this blog at a later date as there are a few there that I really, really want to read (Adam Nevill, Lee Thomas, Tom Fletcher), but the window of opportunity for a review in the magazine is now past I feel.  Apologies to all those who missed out, but alas, we can't cover everything that gets sent.

And so, we wave goodbye to:-

  • Carrie Vaughan - Kitty Rocks the House - Tor paperback
  • Eric Ortlund - Dead Petals: An Apocalypse - Fingerpress Ltd paperback
  • Charlie Williams - Made of Stone - Thomas & Mercer paperback
  • Julianna Baggott - Fuse - Headline hardback (ARC)
  • C. Robert Cargill - Dreams and Shadows - Gollancz hardback (ARC)
  • James Lovegrove - Age of Voodoo - Solaris paperback (Kindle edition)
  • Clifford Beal - Gideon's Angel - Solaris paperback (Kindle edition)
  • Darren Speegle - Of Eggs and Elephants - Gallows Press paperback (PDF)
  • Carolyn Hart - The Deveraux Legacy - Seventh Street Books paperback (ARC)
  • Lorna Jowett & Stacey Abbott - TV Horror: Investigating the Darker Side of the Small Screen - I. B. Taurus paperback
  • Edited by Maxim Jakubowski - The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime #10 - Robinson paperback
  • Lisa von Biela - The Genesis Code - Dark Fuse eBook
  • James Lovegrove - Age of Satan - Solaris eBook (Kindle edition)
  • Paul Park - Ghosts Doing the Orange Dance - PS Publishing hardback (PDF)
  • Tobias Seamon - The Fair Grounds - PS Publishing hardback (PDF)
  • Gary Bradford Morrow - The Uninnocent - Pegasus Books paperback (ARC) - resourced from hardback
  • Toby Tate - Lilith - Dark Fuse eBook
  • Myke Cole - Fortress Frontiers - Headline paperback
  • Edited by Candice Black - The Blood Delirium: The Vampire in 19th Century European Literature - Sun Vision Press paperback
  • Neil Davies - Hard Winter - Omnium Gatherum paperback (Kindle edition)
  • Tim Curran - Long Black Coffin - Dark Fuse hardback (PDF)
  • Lee Thomas - Ash Street - Sinister Grin Press paperback (ARC)
  • Joseph D'Lacey - Splinters - Timeline Books paperback (PDF)
  • Joseph D'Lacey - Blood Fugue - Proxima Books paperback (PDF)
  • David W. Edwards - Nightscape: The Dreams of Devils - Imperiad Entertainment paperback
  • Edited by Stephen Jones - Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback - Robinson paperback
  • Tom Fletcher - The Ravenglass Eye - Jo Fletcher Books paperback
  • Edited by Marie O'Regan & Paul Kane - A Carnivale of Horror - - PS Publishing hb (PDF)
  • R. B. Russell - Leave Your Sleep - - PS Publishing hb (PDF)
  • Edited by Michael Bailey - Chiral Mad: An Anthology of Psychological Horror - Written Backwards paperback
  • Quentin Crisp - All God's Angels, Beware! - Chômu Press paperback (ARC)
  • Tim Lebbon - Nothing As It Seems - - PS Publishing hb (PDF)
  • Basil Copper - The Curse of the Fleers - - PS Publishing hb (PDF)
  • M. R. James - Curious Warnings: The Great Ghost Stories of M. R. James - Jo Fletcher Books hardback
  • Adam Nevill - Last Days - Macmillan paperback
  • Guido Gozzano - Requiems & Nightmares: Selected Short Fiction of Guido Gozzano - Hieroglyphic Press hardback



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