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Books Received - An Update

14th Mar, 2014

Author: Peter Tennant

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Listed below are the books received for review since the last update, which was back on 23 January 2014.

There are eighteen new titles, of which three have been written or edited by women, taking our totals for the year so far to forty books received, ten of them with a female byline (25%).

Standard Disclaimer: As ever, people are welcome to query me regarding the possibility of a review by writing to with the usual caveat that an expression of interest does not guarantee if or when a review will be done.

June 2014

  • Scott Nicolay - Ana Kai Tangata - Fedogan & Bremer (PDF)

May 2014

  • Greg F. Gifune - Rogue - DarkFuse eBook
  • Gary McMahon - Reaping the Dark - DarkFuse eBook
  • Tim Curran - Deadlock - DarkFuse eBook
  • Lisa von Biela - Ash and Bone - DarkFuse eBook

April 2014

  • Gary Fry - Severed - DarkFuse eBook
  • Nicole Cushing - I Am the New God - DarkFuse eBook
  • Peter Giglio - When We Fall - DarkFuse eBook
  • Michael McBride - Ancient Enemy - DarkFuse eBook
  • Edited by Ellen Datlow - Lovecraft's Monsters - Tachyon Publications paperback (ARC)

March 2014

  • Ian Miller & Tom Whyte - The Art of Ian Miller - Titan hardback
  • Daniel Dersch - Flesh and Blood - 47 North paperback (e-copy)
  • Stephen Graham Jones - The Elvis Room - This Is Horror chapbook (PDF)

February 2014

  • Dark Hall Press Cosmic Horror Anthology - Dark Hall Press paperback (Kindle edition)
  • Steve Rasnic Tem - Here With the Shadows - The Swan River Press hardback

January 2014

  • Myke Cole - Breach Zone - Headline paperback
  • Edited by John Atkinson - Splice Volume 7, #1 (The Tim Burton issue) - Auteur paperback (PDF)
  • Mark Clapham - Dead Stop - Abaddon Books (Kindle edition)



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