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The Advent Calendar 2012

14th Dec, 2012

Author: Peter Tennant

Our second week of Adventing ends with a contribution from Rhys Hughes, a writer who needs no introduction.

And he's gifted us with a suite of stories that together comprise 'The Complete Saga of Hogwash and Bum Note'.

I suspect that collectively they exceed the 1,500 word limit, but you're free agents - you can go with the letter of the 'law' and only read one story or the spirit of the times and read them all.

Rhys is disgustingly prolific, with what seems like a new book appearing every other month, and sometimes he has so many on the go that he gives them away. The place to keep up with all he has going on is his website, The Spoons That Are My Ears.

Click on the first link for the fiction, the second link for the website, and if you want to give the author some feedback the third link will take you to a dedicated thread on the Interaction forums where you can do that very thing.


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