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5th Nov, 2012

Author: Peter Tennant

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With great power comes great responsibility, and for a future issue of Black Static I'm looking to offload my responsibility onto somebody else.

For me the hardest part of doing the Case Notes section is deciding who gets reviewed and when, so I thought it would be a possibly fun wheeze to hold a competition for subscribers to the magazine and let the winner select what books I review.

The next blog post here will almost certainly be an announcement of the contents of the Case Notes section of Black Static #31, and though things could change I already know pretty much what books I'll be reviewing in the January issue (#32).

Other than a vague idea of who I want as featured author and a couple of other long overdue reviews that should probably get into print now before they disappear under the dust bunnies, the field is wide open for the March 2013 issue (#33).

So, here's the deal...

If you're interested in choosing titles for review in that issue, send an email with the Subject line 'I want to choose' to before 30 November 2012.

TTA 'staffers' and Black Static's regular columnists are ineligible.

After that date I'll put all the names in a hat and select a winner at random.

I'll check with Andy that they are in fact a subscriber to Black Static, and subject to that I will send the winner a list of the titles that I have in consideration for review (usually that's somewhere in the region of 80+ titles).

From that list they can select ten titles that I will read and, subject to time and space, review in the March 2013 issue of the magazine.

The ten titles can be either clustered by author, theme, publisher or whatever, as we currently do in the magazine, or chosen completely at random.

The only stipulations I'll make is that (a) if the winner is a writer, editor or publisher, they must not select any of their own books and (b) two of the titles selected must be either written or edited by a woman/man, as a minimum.

The winner will be named on this blog and in the magazine, and I may wish to interview them about their choices for the website.

This is a one off, as I have no intention of allowing other people to dictate what I read and review on a regular basis, but if the results are interesting we might do it once a year in future.



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