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New Science Fiction & Fantasy INTERZONE ISSUE 275 OUT NOW!

Interzone 242 and Black Static 30: The Final Update

28th Sep, 2012

Item image: Black Static 30 Cover

Item image: Interzone 242 Cover

The reprinted Interzone 242 was delivered early yesterday morning and all subscriber and contributor copies will be in the post today, along with Black Static 30.

Thanks again for your patience.

The printing of IZ242 is faultless, the difference between this and the previous effort (by a different printer) like night and day. We do need to make some small adjustments ourselves, however. The cover, for example, is probably too heavy and therefore not flexible enough, and for some reason flares a little too much after use – which is strange because we didn't notice such things with Black Static 29, which had exactly the same specifications. Such things should be easily fixed for IZ243.


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