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Interzone 242 and Black Static 30 delays: an update

24th Sep, 2012

The good news is that Black Static 30 has now been delivered to us, and will be ready to mail out very shortly. Apologies once again for the time it's taken to get this far. If this is the first update you've read, the problems encountered were entirely beyond our control. The print files were handed over on schedule, but machinery later broke down at the printer's. Twice, I think.

The bad news is that the reprinted Interzone 242 will not now be delivered to us on Tuesday the 25th but Wednesday 26th. This is also due to the broken machinery and the subsequent backlog.

Again, if this is the first update you've read you might not know that IZ242 was actually printed and delivered on time (by a different printer), but contained errors so severe we felt we couldn't possibly send it out. The printer refused to reprint so we sent the job to a different printer, the same one handling Black Static since issue 29, unaware of course that it'd run into the same problem that Black Static 30 would. In the circumstances, the reprint of IZ242 won't have taken very long, but it's another frustrating delay, even if it is only one day: these are the September–October issues, not the October–November issues, and naturally they're going to have a very short shelf-life, which could be damaging.

Still, subscribers have been very patient and supportive, so thank you very much for that. Hopefully the next update will be in a few days, to confirm that your copies are in the post.


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