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New Science Fiction & Fantasy INTERZONE 290/291 DOUBLE ISSUE OUT NOW!


4th Jul, 2012

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TTA Novellas are a natural extension to what we already do. We'll be publishing high quality stories of the kind we publish in our magazines, they'll just be much longer, short novels rather than short stories. They will be in the 20–40,000 word range, published as B Format paperbacks of between 96 and 224 pages, with wraparound covers.

The first five novellas are by authors very closely associated with TTA.

Item image: Eyepennies

We launch with Eyepennies by Mike O'Driscoll (cover art by Rik Rawling), which has already earned some very enthusiastic advance praise:

“A musician emotionally scarred by a near-death experience is haunted by his past, his present and his future in this chilling, slow burn of a ghost story. Read it!” Ellen Datlow

“Mike O’Driscoll is without doubt one of our best writers. I often wish he wrote more, because when he does produce something new – such as the excellent Eyepennies – it’s truly an occasion for celebration” Tim Lebbon

“Full of symbols and dread, a Cotard’s delusion set to O’Driscoll’s cool bluesy prose, Eyepennies makes a refined contribution to the TTA Press canon” Paul Meloy

“A beautiful story suffused with the entangled mysteries of pain and life, as radiant as it is dark: the best kind” Stephen Volk

Item image: Spin

The second in the series will be Spin by Nina Allan (cover art by Ben Baldwin), about which M. John Harrison says this:

“Nina Allan’s re-imagining of the Arachne myth, with its receding overlays of the modern and the antique, creates a space all its own. The scene is clean and minimal, the light Mediterranean, the story seems musing and sad: but by the last two pages, Spin has you in a grip that persists long after you put it down.”

The third release will be Cold Turkey by Carole Johnstone, and the fourth and fifth titles will be confirmed shortly.

Each novella will be available to buy singly or as part of a cheaper subscription.

However, up until the publication of TTA Novella 1 (Eyepennies) we are offering an extra special subscription offer which represents even more of a saving on the cover prices:


Just click on any of the subscribe/buy now links on this page, or the Shop link in the main navigation bar at the top, and place your order as you would normally. Remember, you pay absolutely no postage whatsoever, no matter where in the world you live.

Please feel free to spread the word about this offer.


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