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New Science Fiction & Fantasy INTERZONE ISSUE 285 OUT NOW!


22nd May, 2012

Author: Roy Gray

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"Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations." (

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Have you ever had to rack your brains to recall the title of an Interzone story? Perhaps after something cropped up on line. You want title, author and issue number. You remember a comic SF story with a plucky female waitress. A lack of specifics that makes the prospect of sifting a mountain of back issues less than enticing.

Enter, the 'neural link' everyone will need.

Skipforward is cutting edge research to develop a collaborative database containing both hard fact and subjective opinion. The system takes many differing personal annotations on a wide variety of media and gives tailored views of the aggregated data.

For stories users can also write reviews and assign tropes, from the, far too fascinating,, (It's so easy to get stuck there!)

Suddenly finding that waitress is easy.

On Skipforward users can add whatever information they want, even when it conflicts with other opinions.

David Brin's 1990 novel "Earth" predicted a world wide web where reputation played a major role. Now current social networks feature some feedback data ("+1", "like"), but this has little influence unless, say, Stephen Fry is the source.

In Skipforward, opinions you see are weighted according to their source. If your entries frequently disagree with another's then, from your point of view, that other user's opinions will have less weight in the future.

Have a look, try! We want you to get an account and record your opinions of Interzone stories, books and even movies on Skipforward. Go to the website, send a mail, and get started.

No strings attached. Skipforward is an open source project, and the data entered into the system is freely available. It's all for Science!

Skipforward is still under development and aims to use crowd sourcing to counteract some of the obvious problems that plague say, Amazon reviews, Trip Adviser and similar web applications. Interzone is their guinea pig.

Why not help them, and Interzone?

Login and contact and introductory information including a screencast

The Skipforward thread in the TTA forum.

Link to TV Tropes home


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