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New Science Fiction & Fantasy INTERZONE 290/291 DOUBLE ISSUE COMING SOON!


14th May, 2012

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Item image: IZ240 Cover

The third of Ben Baldwin's 2012 covers is called The Hanged Man.



Item image: IZ240 Contents



Beasts by Elizabeth Bourne
illustrated by Martin Hanford

Item image: Beasts

Monsters caroused through the streets of Arras. Men and women in red vests shouted the Marseillaise as they banged on doors. They were Jacobins, followers of Robespierre and Marat, demanding proof the inhabitants were good Revolutionaries. Good Revolutionaries lived, mostly. Bad Revolutionaries had their heads stuck on pikes.


The Indignity of Rain
illustrated by Richard Wagner

Item image: The Indignity of Rain

The smell of rain caught them unprepared. It was spring, there was that smell of jasmine and it mixed with the hum of electric buses and there were solar gliders in the sky, like flocks of birds. Ameliah Ko was doing a Kwasa-Kwasa remix of a Susan Wong cover of ‘Do You Wanna Dance’. It had begun to rain in silver sheets, almost silently; the rain swallowed the sound of gunshots and it drenched the burning buggie down the street, and the old homeless guy taking a shit by the dumpster, with his grey pants around his ankles, got caught in it, his one roll of toilet paper in his hand, and he cursed, but quietly. He was used to the indignity of rain.


Seeking Captain Random by Vylar Kaftan
illustrated by Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon

Item image: Seeking Captain Random

Dreams tell you what you really believe, deep down. But sometimes it takes a while before you understand them. / “When I climbed the hill of bones, the shaman was waiting for me,” Darren said, stirring Nutrasweet into his herbal tea. “Except now he was a giant rat. Like ten feet tall.” / Darren’s always told me about his dreams. Ever since he quit his office job to write comic books full time, his dreams have gotten weirder. I figure he’s really dreaming about how to pay the rent next month, though I can’t see what the giant rat has to do with anything. I was probably more worried about Darren’s rent than he was, even though we weren’t roommates anymore.


Bloodcloth by Ray Cluley
illustrated by Jim Burns

Item image: Bloodcloth

Tanya drew circles in the dust on the floor while she waited for her father to come home from the caves. She drew a smile in one of them, intending to make a face, but it didn’t look right so she made it another circle within the circle. She looped them together with another one, turning a half circle herself when the floorboards nearest her knees were full. She was humming something half remembered but didn’t know until Mother called for her to be quiet. So she was.


A Body Without Fur by Tracie Welser
illustrated by Mark Pexton

Item image: A Body Without Fur

Eli: When I see the Terran woman’s blood, I understand that they are like us. I watch as it seeps into the snow bank. It streams brightly, red against white, from the gashes in her throat and side. The blood soaks the front of the blue uniform underneath the torn, shiny snowsuit. I stand away and watch, respectfully. / Her companions shout her name, press their gloves in the blood as if their small hands can stop its persistent flow. The older one shouts words I don’t understand. The other female pulls off her hood and goggles, then screams vaguely in my direction, as though I am to blame. Another male, the tall one, shouts up to the sky, calling out the name of the earth deity. The deity does not appear. / They have traveled far away from their star, their dead world, and their god.



Ansible Link by David Langford

Item image: Ansible Link 240

news and obituaries


Book Zone by Jim Steel, Maureen Kincaid Speller, Stephen Theaker, Paul F. Cockburn, Elaine Gallagher, Ian Hunter, Jack Deighton, John Howard

Item image: Book Zone 240

book reviews including After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall by Nancy Kress (with author interview by Maureen Kincaid Speller), An A to Z of the Fantastic City by Hal Duncan, Blue Remembered Earth by Alastair Reynolds, The Company of the Dead by David Kowalski, Transmission by John Meaney, The Heir of Night by Helen Lowe, The Game is Altered by Mez Packer, The Not Yet by Moira Crone, Jane Carver of Waar by Nathan Long


Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe

Item image: Mutant Popcorn 240

film reviews including Avengers Assemble, The Cabin in the Woods, The Hunger Games, Wrath of the Titans, Mirror Mirror, John Carter, Battleship, Lockout


Laser Fodder by Tony Lee

Item image: Laser Fodder 240

DVD and Blu-ray reviews including Resistance, The Six Million Dollar Man Complete Collection, The Future, Space: Above and Beyond, Dark Shadows (TV series), Clone, Deadball, Yakuza Weapon, Haywire, Underworld Awakening


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