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Black Static


Black Static 27 Out Soon

7th Feb, 2012

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Issue 27 of British Fantasy Award winning magazine Black Static contains new stories by Gord Sellar, Simon Bestwick, Jacob Ruby, V.H. Leslie, and Stephen Bacon. Colour artwork is by Dave Senecal, David Gentry, George Cotronis (Ravenkult), Rik Rawling, and Mark Pexton (a segment of which can be seen on the cover – click on the image to make it bigger). Peter Tennant reviews books and interviews Alison Littlewood. Tony Lee reviews the latest and forthcoming DVDs and Blu-rays. Comment is supplied by Christopher Fowler, Stephen Volk, and Mike O'Driscoll.

Current subscribers please check the insert in the middle of the previous issue for a subscription reminder and renew if necessary.

Note to USA readers: Black Static is no longer sold by Books A Million. Our distributor realised that we couldn't make anything at all on the deal so cancelled the order. We recommend subscribing. Remember that if you subscribe to 12 issues you'll get half of them at the discounted UK rate, with absolutely no postage added at all. And we send them airmail!

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