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Black Static


Getting To Know D. F. Lewis

13th Dec, 2011

Author: Peter Tennant

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D. F. Lewis was our featured author in the Case Notes section of Black Static #25, with reviews of his first novel Nemonymous Night, the novella Weirdtongue and the anthology The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies, plus an interview.

With that out of the way, I now get to subject Des to a further interview, this time pitched at the Heat magazine demographic, in which we discover his tastes in classical composers and alcoholic beverages.

Your starter for ten:-

Q: Tea or coffee?

A: Tea - but coffee after dinner. And nothing decaffeinated!

Q: Celebrity Big Brother or Big Brother?

A: Big Brother. Good old ordinary folk aspiring towards celebrity evokes interesting characteristics and mixed intentions and confused fiction / non-fiction of self.

Q: Poe or Lovecraft?

A: Lovecraft, marginally. Prefer Lawrence Durrell to both.

Q: The supermarket or the corner shop?

A: Supermarket. Time is Money. Getting everything in one go allows for more creativity outside of basic needs.

Q: Classical ballet or modern dance?

A:  I enjoy techno-dancing as someone's dad or uncle! Well, I am someone's dad or uncle! But I don't enjoy watching it. Modern dance, marginally.

Q: Hilda Ogden or Ena Sharples?

A:  Hilda Ogden.  "I'm wo-man, Stanley, all wo-man!"

Q: In the main, do you get your news from papers, television or online?

A: Television.

Q: Marcel Proust or James Joyce?

A: Marcel Proust. 

Q: Tate Modern or Tate Britain?

A: Tate Modern.

Q: Goldfrapp or Radiohead?

A: Goldfrapp. Saw them live at the Albert hall.

Q: Pizza Hut or McDonalds?

A: Pizza Hut.

Q: 'The Cats of Ulthar' or 'The Hounds of Tindalos'?

A:  I hate pets!

Q: Critical acclaim or money?

A:  Critical acclaim.

Q: Laptop or desktop?

A: Laptop.

Q: The Scream or The Persistence of Memory?

A:  Munch's Scream.

Q: You're at your best in the morning or evening?

A:  Both

Q: In general, would you rather listen to piano music or violin?

A: Piano music (Schubert, Beethoven...)

Q: Machen or Blackwood?

A: Both, in different moods. But Blackwood's 'Centaur' and 'Willows' prevail.

Q: Would you prefer to be remembered as a writer or an editor?

A: Writer.

Q: Character you are most proud of creating - Feemy Fitzworth or Padgett Weggs?

A: Feemy Fitzworth. Although he liked pets!

Q: Black or white?

A: White.

Q: An evening out - theatre or live music?

A: I'd love to see Wagner's Ring at Bayreuth. So both (at once).

Q: Dracula or Frankenstein?

A: Dracula. Christopher Lee film had a major effect in my impressionable years.

Q: To watch - team sports or individual?

A: Neither!!!

Q: Beethoven or Tchaikovsky?

A: Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven...

Q: Favourite tipple - brandy or whiskey?

A: White wine.

Q: Prefer to be published in mass market paperback or limited edition?

A: Mass market paperback. Never an e-book.

Q: Monopoly or Cluedo?

A: As a child: Monopoly.

Q: Favourite holiday - Christmas or New Year?

A: New Year. Happy New Year!




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