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Black Static


Getting To Know Kaaron Warren

31st Aug, 2011

Author: Peter Tennant

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Kaaron Warren was our featured author in the Case Notes section of Black Static #24, with reviews of her novel Mistification and the short story collection Dead Sea Fruit, plus an interview. Having passed that ordeal, for the online part of the Case Notes experience Kaaron now gets to do the Heat magazine equivalent, sharing with us such vital information as her preference in stage magicians and where stalkers are most likely to stumble across her when she's on her holiday.

So, without further ado:-

Q: Bungee jump or spend the night in a haunted house?

A: Definitely the haunted house. All that good material for a story!

Q: Would prefer to be published in hardback, paperback or e-format?

A: Love those hardbacks. My grandfather would think I'm a real writer if he was alive to see me in hardback.

Q: Which genre do you read the most in - crime, science fiction or fantasy?

A: Crime

Q: London or New York?

A: I adore New York. Haven't ever been to London but would love to. New York makes me feel regretful that I never went and lived there in my twenties. Can't choose.

Q: Which do you consider more likely - ghosts or flying saucers?

A: Ghosts

Q: Breakfast - continental or fry up?

A: Fry up

Q: For a night out - concert or a musical?

A: Depends on what of both! If it was Sound of Music, I'd pick the concert. If it was Lionel Ritchie, I'd pick the musical.

Q: Shirley Jackson - the short stories or the novels?

A: Short Stories. And the novels. Couldn't possibly choose one.

Q: More annoyed to lose the house key or the car key?

A: Car, because they cost a bloody fortune to replace.

Q: Eating out - McDonalds or Pizza Hut?

A: Nando's.

Q: David Copperfield or Penn and Teller?

A: Penn and Teller.

Q: Favourite sporting event - the Olympics or the World Cup?

A: Olympics. I love how we all become experts.

Q: For a family holiday - the beach or the mountains?

A: Mountains. One kid hates the sand and I love the mountains.

Q: Prefer as a pet - cat or dog?

A: Cat.

Q: Who should play Marvo in the film - Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr?

A: Ooooooh that question is so exciting I can hardly answer.

Q: Do you get your news from the television, the papers or online?

A: A combination of the papers and online, which is the best way. You get all the layers of it that way.

Q: Georgia O'Keeffe or Frida Kahlo?

A: Georgia O'Keeffe.

Q: Would prefer to visit - castle or cathedral?

A: Another easy one: Castle.

Q: To play - Monopoly or Cluedo?

A: Cluedo by about a million miles.

Q: Brandy or whiskey?

A: My first cocktail was a Brandy Alexander and I've never looked back.

Q: Which film franchise - Nightmare on Elm Street or Scream?

A: Johnny Depp.

Q: As a songwriter - Nick Cave or Leonard Cohen?

A: I adore them both.

Q: Favourite season of the year?

A: Spring

Q: Tea or coffee?

A: Coffee for morning, Tea for evening, made by my husband who makes a perfect cup.

Q: Are you a morning or a night person?

A: All in my family are night owls.

Q: Patrick White or Peter Carey?

A: I hate to admit it, but I don't really like either of them. I liked Bliss and The Fat Man in History though, so Peter Carey.


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