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Black Static


Getting to Know Tom Fletcher

31st Jul, 2011

Author: Peter Tennant

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Tom Fletcher was our featured author in the Case Notes section of Black Static #23, with reviews of The Leaping and The Thing on the Shore, and an in-depth interview, and since then his first novel has been shortlisted for a British Fantasy Award, not that I'm suggesting any causal link, but it is highly suggestive. Now, in accord with our long standing tradition, Tom gets to do the online side of the Case Notes experience and share his opinion on such vital matters as Wimbledon and the desirability of mushy peas. Ah, if only all interviews required as little effort on my part.

Hit it, Tom!

Q: A day at the races or a night at the opera?

A: The opera. I've never done either before, but no horses get hurt at the opera.

Q: A Booker Prize or the top slot on the NYT Bestseller list?

A: Top slot on the bestseller list. But I'd like a Booker too.

Q: Which do you consider more likely - Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster?

A: Big Foot. Though I'd rather the Loch Ness Monster was real, because I was obsessed with it as a child.

Q: Breakfast - cereal or croissants?

A: Croissants, because they're a bit exciting.

Q: For a night out - theatre or cinema?

A: The cinema.

Q: Ian McEwan - the short stories or the novels?

A: The short stories, though I love his early novels nearly as much.

Q: Watchmen or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

A: Watchmen, without a doubt.

Q: Which do you like least - a visit to the doctor or the dentist?

A: A visit to the doctor I think. I always feel that the dentist is less likely to find anything really serious.

Q: Eating out - Indian or Chinese?

A: Really difficult. I'd have to say Indian I think.

Q: Clive Barker - his books or his films?

A: His books.

Q: To watch - Wimbledon or St Andrews?

A: Wimbledon, but only because I hate watching tennis less than I hate watching golf. I enjoy engaging in sport but am not interested in watching it, or who wins etc.

Q: Favourite holiday destination - the Caribbean or the Med?

A: I've never been to the Caribbean but have always wanted to go, so - the Caribbean.

Q: Prefer as a pet - tropical fish or lizard?

A: Tropical fish - I love watching fish.

Q: Are you a PC or a Mac?

A: Probably a Mac. I use a Mac. I feel ashamed of it though - I wouldn't tell anyone unless asked. Too much tribalism!

Q: Favourite 'Wolfman' - Lon Chaney or Jack Nicholson?

A: Actually Jack Nicholson.

Q: Do you prefer to shop at the supermarket, corner store or online?

A: Online for the big shop, the cornershop for bits.

Q: Amis - Martin or Kingsley?

A: Martin.

Q: Live music - Classical or Jazz?

A: Jazz, probably.

Q: To play - board games or computer games?

A: I love both. Depends on the company I think - board games with family, computer games with friends.

Q: Lager or Guinness?

A: Definitely Guinness.

Q: Halloween or Friday the 13th?

A: Halloween, but there's a nostalgic attachment to that film that makes it difficult to be objective.

Q: Which meal would you miss if you had to - breakfast or tea?

A: Breakfast, and I often do.

Q: Max Ernst or Renee Magritte?

A: The most difficult yet! I think I'd have to say Max Ernst. I do love Magritte's work, but I look at Ernst's for longer.

Q: Twitter or Facebook?

A: Twitter, every time. It's faster and more fun. Though I use them differently - Facebook is for getting in touch with people, Twitter is for keeping up to date.

Q: The Usual Suspects or Memento?

A: The Usual Suspects.

Q: Mushy peas or baked beans?

A: Probably mushy peas, because they're a rarer thing.


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