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Books Received - An Update

13th Apr, 2011

Author: Peter Tennant

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Listed below are the books received for review since the last update, which was back on 11 March 2011.

For the statistically minded, that's twenty one books received in just over a month, and on average I'm reviewing fifteen books per bi-monthly issue, so you can calculate that the chances for any particular title are not good (and I don't list electronic copies here, so they're slightly smaller than that). As ever, I urge publishers to think hard before sending me books for review, and if you only have a limited number of copies spare for this purpose then Black Static might not be your best use for them. In future I am probably going to be a bit more selective about what I review, introducing a much tighter focus on horror, so as ever it's a good idea to query me if you're in doubt as to suitability. I can be contacted by writing to and there's the usual caveat that an expression of interest does not guarantee if or when a review will be done.

Of the current crop, I'm particularly excited to see The Ritual by Adam Nevill in the line-up. Apartment 16 was one of the undoubted highlights of last year's horror reading, and this book looks set to deliver the goods again for one of the most talented of the next generation of horror writers.

Tom Fletcher is another horror up and comer, and I've recently read his new book, The Thing on the Shore, back to back with its predecessor The Leaping, for review in the next issue of the magazine. I'm well pleased with them both, and that's all I'm saying for the moment.

Sarah Pinborough is back with the second volume in her Dog-Faced Gods trilogy, and The Shadow of the Soul is another must read, while Dracula themed books continue to arrive, with a reissue of Kim Newman's Anno Dracula and the Stephen Jones edited Mammoth Book of Dracula.

One last shout out, I'm really pleased to see a new collection from Ralph Robert Moore, I Smell Blood. Yes, it is self-published, but the author has had a story picked up by Ellen Datlow for her Year's Best along with plenty of Honorable Mentions, and his first collection, Remove the Eyes, is one of my favourites from recent years. I'm expecting to be (un)pleasantly surprised by this.

Of the twenty one books listed, three are by female authors (possibly four, as S. L. Grey's gender is unknown, so I'll call her male this time and him female next time), and as a way of keeping check on how we're doing when it comes to reviewing work by women, I thought I'd keep track of the books received and reviewed.

So far this year I've listed 64 books on this blog (yes, some of those relate to 2010, but for ease I'm going to ignore that, just as I'll ignore that some of the books I review are past their year of publication), but only 8 of those books have been by women authors/editors. That comes to 12½%.

Of the 31 books I've reviewed so far this year, in #21 and the pending #22, exactly half have been by women, so the review rate is running at 50%. Obviously that's been distorted by the all female Women in Horror Recognition Month issue of Case Notes, and we can expect the percentage of works by women reviewed to fall in the coming months, though my intention is that it remain in proportion to the number of books received as a minimum.

 June 2011

  • S. L. Grey - The Mall - Corvus hardback (ARC)
  • Jon Steele - The Watchers - Bantam Press paperback (ARC)

May 2011

  • Adam Nevill - The Ritual - Macmillan paperback (ARC)
  • Kim Newman - Anno Dracula - Titan Books paperback

April 2011

  • Kim Newman - Nightmare Movies: Horror On Screen Since the 1960s - Bloomsbury paperback
  • Jacques Cazotte - The Devil in Love - Dedalus paperback
  • Robert Jackson Bennett - The Company Man - Orbit paperback
  • Alex Dryden - The Blind Spy - Headline paperback
  • Tom Fletcher - The Thing on the Shore - Quercus paperback
  • Toby Venables - The Viking Dead - Abaddon paperback
  • Jonathan Maberry - The King of Plagues - Gollancz paperback
  • Sarah Pinborough - The Shadow of the Soul - Gollancz paperback
  • Carrie Ryan - The Dark and Hollow Places - Gollancz paperback
  • David Wellington - 13 Bullets - Piatkus paperback

March 2011

  • J. R. Ward - Lover Unleashed - Piatkus paperback
  • Steven C. Schlozman, MD - The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks From the Apocalypse - Grand Central Publishing hardback
  • Edited by Ross Warren - Dark Minds - Dark Minds press paperback
  • Edited by Stephen Jones - The Mammoth Book of Dracula - Robinson Publishing paperback

February 2011

  • Jeffrey A. Kottler - The Lust for Blood - Prometheus Books hardback

January 2011

  • Ralph Robert Moore - I Smell Blood - Sentence Publishing paperback

October 2010

  • Robert Davis - A Lust for Lead - SwordWorks paperback



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