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I Smell Blood

7th Feb, 2011

Author: Peter Tennant

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I Smell Blood is the latest book from American writer Ralph Robert Moore, whose last collection Remove the Eyes was listed as one of the memorable collections of 2009 by Ellen Datlow, and was reviewed by me in Black Static, very favourably so as I recall.

The new collection is almost 100,000 words long, 282 pages.  It consists of eight short stories (two of them never before published), as well as the complete text of the previously unpublished 46,000 word short novel Kid.

The trade paperback is selling for $18.00, discounted 10% to $16.20.  The ebook download is $5.99.

At the moment, the collection is only available through Lulu, but it will soon be available at Amazon, Amazon.UK, Barnes and Noble, and a number of other online venues.  It can also be ordered from most brick and mortar stores.

Below is a video of the author reading from I Smell Blood. At least I think that's what he's doing. I don't have sound on my computer, so really he could be saying anything. But if he was saying something like Black Static is crap and that Tennant dude is an idiot, you guys would tell me, right?



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